Monday, June 25, 2018
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Europlacer Debuts ii-Feed Tape Feeding Trolley
Tape feeder trolley.
Dorset, UK — Europlacer has launched a new evolution of its tape-feeding solution, the ii-Feed. The new product is based on the strengths of the company's proven concept of a cart plus elements but incorporates key aspects of its individual feeder technology, merging the best of both technologies. The ii-Feed Cart has a capacity up to 33 separate component channels and accepts any mix of 8, 12, 16 or 24mm smart ii-Feed Elements.

Each individual element is fully "intelligent" and provides the same intuitiveness as the other feeders in the company's range, which include part recognition, internal memory, auto adjustment of pick-up offset, programmable tape pitch in 2mm increments, and reel batch ID.

ii-Feed is faster and contains many new embedded features such as a component range that begins at 01005; however, it remains fully compatible with previous Europlacer machine generations. Both the previous and updated generations of the company's tape trolleys can be used on the same machine. It can be operated in three different modes like the older trolley generation, (wired/wireless micro terminal, programming ii-elements separately offline, and with or without Stock Management options), making it the most flexible cart in the industry.

ii-Feed elements allow for fast setups and changeovers. The same type of element can be used for tapes (paper and plastic), full reels or short tapes. There is no need for different element models depending on component size in the same tape width. Data are automatically recognized by the machines. This benefit simplifies the operator's work and further reduces feeder inventory costs. Reels can be prepared offline in magazines for up to 11 references; the ii-Feed Cart can receive three magazines. ii-Feed elements can be stored with reels in passive shelves, allowing the Setup Help and Stock Management options to quickly locate the parts necessary for the next job.

ii-Feed elements can be placed at any trolley location, without stopping production, and because of the Europlacer turret head design, random positioning does not affect throughput. The correct loading plan is guaranteed.

Contact: Europlacer North America, 5804 E. Breckenridge Blvd., Tampa, FL 33610 813-246-9500 fax: 813-246-9595 Web:

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