Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Brady Intros New Label Printer
Highly versatile label maker.
Milwaukee, WI — Brady has introduced its BBP®33 industrial label printer. The new printing system is described as the first industrial printer in the market to have foolproof "drop-in" supplies that allow users to perform a complete supply changeover in less than 20 seconds, with no adjustments or calibrations and no wasted labels.

Designed to make label making faster and easier, the new industrial printer also helps users save costs and improve productivity by eliminating wasted blank labels by printing on the first label. According to the company, the BBP33 printer is so easy to use that it will help users eliminate tedious, time-consuming setups, difficult-to-load materials and wasteful calibrations.

Printing on over 500 label parts and 39 different materials, the unit prints for a variety of labeling applications including wire and cable labels, panel labels, heat-shrink sleeves, rating plates, circuit board labels, component labels, laboratory labels, safety and arc flash labels, GHS labels, lean 5S labels, and pipe markers. The BBP33 printer is also compatible with the company's software programs, including Markware® software, LabelMark® software and CodeSoft® labeling software. These label programs allow label creation, symbol and data importation, as well as contain applications for industry specific labeling needs, such as GHS CLP labels, arc flash, wire marking, pipe marking, tagging and bar codes.

Contact: Brady Corporation, 6555 W. Good Hope Road, P.O. Box 571, Milwaukee, WI 53201-0571 800-541-1686 fax: 800-292-2289 Web:

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