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Building the Future One Customer at a Time
Busy multiple production lines of automated Juki assembly equipment.

Many companies boast of "helping to build the future" and in some small way, they likely do. However, at Creation Technologies, this phrase is not spoken lightly. At this company, these are not just words, they are a way of life. President and CEO Arthur Tymos is passionate about making the industry — and the world — a better place and ensures that his company lives up to this motto in every way.

Founded in 1991 in British Columbia, Canada, Creation Technologies today is a global top-25 electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider that helps OEM partners deliver premium products and solutions to their end customers. Originally, the company was founded on the manufacturing and testing of printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) and since that time has expanded to include a broad array of services. "Today, we supply customers with a dynamic spectrum of end-to-end solutions, but we remain proud of our history and are committed to using the fundamentals as a basis to excel," commented Tymos.

The company provides a full range of design, manufacturing, supply chain and aftermarket services that are individually tailored to suit each customer's company or product's unique needs. Creation Technologies' focus is on building lasting relationships, and it works with companies around the world that are both recognized and emerging market leaders.

"At Creation, our goal is to create exceptional value for our customers," added Tymos. "I believe that this value is achieved through a fusion of expertise, imagination and customer intimacy. Our greatest strength is in building relationships that endure and thrive."

15 Company Locations
The company has 13 manufacturing and 2 design services locations. Each is strategically located to provide customers with the highest levels of access, input and maximum flexibility at every stage of the product lifecycle. In addition, each location operates as a separate business unit — with the autonomy and the responsibility — to meet customer needs.

In today's marketplace, the company understands the increasing importance of the environment in business strategy. Its regional positioning enables customers to reduce their carbon footprint while minimizing supply chain costs and logistics challenges. This allows customers to benefit from the strengths of a global leader with world-class capabilities while being serviced by a regional team that is committed to success. This combination delivers exceptional total value.

Creation's state-of-the-art technology, as well as its experienced and certified team members, delivers tailored solutions to customers, which is a necessity in today's competitive environment. With 35 high-speed SMT lines, expert test development and support, and an ideal blend of capacity planning and technical expertise, Creation works consistently to devise manufacturing solutions that are perfect fits for customers. Tymos does not believe in a "one size fits all" mentality. Each customer has unique needs and the EMS provider's goal is to surpass these.

Clear Communications
In order to accomplish this on a continuous basis, the company must ensure that its communications are clear between all sites. Standardized processes and methodologies are used across all manufacturing facilities, ensuring consistency in product, service capabilities and quality. Moreover, its customer-focused teams manage a product's evolution and guide improvements over its entire lifecycle.

From complex, precision medical devices with thousands of placements to encapsulated, marine lighting systems, the company's

manufacturing expertise is world-class. To keep this status, the company must ensure that it is using the most updated, advanced technologies throughout its facilities as well as providing the most up-to-date service offerings.
Part of automated production line.

From the PCBA standpoint, these services include SMT, automated through-hole and mixed-technology processing; complex double-sided PCBs and flexible circuits; µBGAs and double-sided BGAs; complex RF electro-mechanical; X-ray and automatic optical inspection (AOI), flying probe test; complete RoHS-compliant assembly including wave and automated selective soldering as well as manual assembly; automated conformal coating, encapsulation and potting; and no-clean and water-soluble chemistries.

Placement Performance and Accuracy
It is among these PCBA services that Creation Technologies has partnered with Juki Automation Systems. "Juki offers us exceptional performance in customer service and value performance as well as supplying us top quality, highly flexible and functional equipment," said Tymos. "We chose Juki because their responsiveness, flexibility and dedication to quality closely matched our own. And we haven't been disappointed. Over the years, we have seen minimal downtime, improved quality, placement accuracy and increased placement count overall. We are extremely appreciative of Juki's flexible business model and their responsiveness. Everyone at Juki is professional and friendly and interested in establishing and maintaining a true partnership."

Creation first started working with Juki in 2004. Since that time, the relationship has expanded and the company now has 33 Juki placement systems in six of its sites: Santa Clara and San Jose, CA; Dallas, TX; Burnaby, BC; Mississauga, ON; and Vancouver, BC. The systems in operation include KE-2070 high-speed flexible mounters, KE-2080 mounters and the FX-3 high-speed modular mounter.

With the help of several advanced technology systems and processes as well as Creation's own drive and philosophies, the company provides best-in-class services and solutions. As another endeavor to make a difference, the company offers an informative — and affirmative — blog (

"Many times, as business people, we are asked "What is your differentiator?" At Creation, we have always believed that a company is about its people. So our real differentiator is our team, our core values and our culture that makes just about anything possible," said Tymos, who also has his own blog

And a blog is the perfect way to bring together the company's customers and potential customers, people, friends, and partners in discussion about what is being accomplished at Creation as well as the things that matter as part of an online community. As a result, the company created the blog to provide — and invite others to provide — experiences from such topics as the art of

manufacturing, lean thinking, best practices, team building, industry and technology, wellness, recruitment and retention strategy, and leadership.

"Our goal for the Creation blog is to enable us to get to know you and for you to get to know us as people and as professionals, not just as part of an organization," concluded Tymos. In a nutshell, that defines Creation Technologies: finding ways to work together to build the future in the industry.

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