Friday, June 22, 2018
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Sabtech Industries Names Michael Carter President
Yorba Linda, CA — Sabtech Industries has appointed Michael Carter president. The company's former president and founder, Rahim Sabadia, assumes the role of chief executive officer and chairman of the board.

As a C-level executive, Mr. Carter has a 25-year history of accelerating the growth of leading military and defense, biotechnology, telecommunications, wireless, medical, industrial and consumer product companies over his career. Prior to joining Sabtech, Mr. Carter was an executive consultant leading companies in Asia, Australia, Europe and North and South America with strategic acquisitions, business development, operations development, product development and Six Sigma practices among other strategic initiatives. Prior to that, Mr. Carter was the President of Staco Systems where he was instrumental in the company's growth as well as the development of major hardware and software communication systems and display products, implementation of cycle time reduction programs — reducing time to market by 50 percent — negotiating international contracts and developing Key Process Indicators (KPI's) that resulted in a 15 percent reduction in the cost of sales.


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