Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Trade Shows Do it All
Jacob Fattal, Publisher
Now that most of the yearend trade shows are history, we can heave a sigh of relief and think about just how great all these shows were. Even the smallest shows have seen an infusion of new exhibitors and a comfortable, if not overwhelming number of visitors. We have often heard the truism from exhibitors: "It's not the number of people, but the quality of the contacts." One sign of the times is the number of exhibitors who sell major equipment right off the show floor.

Kudos certainly are deserved by SMTAI and electronica for the success of those two shows. Electronica was particularly exhausting — covering a very large area in several exhibit halls in Munich — as well as being highly successful. Looking forward to the new year, we'll be shuttling between California shows — first the large combo Electronics West/MDM et al in Anaheim (Feb. 12-14), then the following week, IPC's APEX in San Diego (Feb. 19-21). We're planning to present our readers with U.S. Tech's biggest issue ever for bonus distribution at those two trade shows. As always, the issue will also appear on our website and in its digital edition for readers with iPADs, iPhones, and Android phones.

With retailers already in high gear with holiday sales and specials and an early "Black Friday", the consumer electronics industry is looking for a huge uptick. Christmas is usually the time of year that US retailers look to get their businesses back "in the black", hence the name "Black Friday". Bargain hunters will queue up as much as 12 hours before stores open their doors, looking to snap up those door-buster bargains that are being offered at ridiculously low prices.

The timing is just right. January sees the inevitable circus of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which shows off the technology that consumers will be buying during 2013. Then, right after that, come the manufacturing trade shows in February. These shows have been growing, and will point the way for a new growth spurt in electronics manufacturing, particularly for products made in U.S.A. as onshoring continues its relentless push. What it all means is that 2013 will be a banner year in our industry.  

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