Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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FARNBOROUGH, HAMPSHIRE, UK -   Z-Check, solder-paste height inspection system
“Gen3 Systems, with over 30 years specialist experience in the global electronics industry and having an established global distributor network, are the ideal partner for Aprotec as we continue to seek ways to enhance and extend our range of specialist products” said Mr Andy Rowe, Managing Director of Aprotec.

“The world-renowned Z-Check, solder-paste height inspection systems, is a perfect fit to our wide range of specialty test equipment. We are sure that this will be of major significance to our distributor network. Better is the fact that we will be able to retain the services of Aprotec’s existing distributors and introduce them to our own products” said Graham Naisbitt, Gen3 Systems Managing Director, “we are honoured and delighted with this appointment.”

Aprotec and Gen3 are both British Manufacturers who see synergistic benefits in combining their businesses in this way.

Aprotec Instrumentation provides an extensive series of bench top, non-contact, measuring systems capable of meeting the needs of today’s demanding PCB production and assembly environment.

From the innovative Z-Check 3D, through to the entry level Z-Check 100, the entire range has been designed to provide accurate pad specific measurement of solder paste deposits, adhesives and component placement.

High-speed rotary process system and renders the dross ready for easy collection and safe disposalSolder-Saver offers wave soldering customers the opportunity to rapidly recycle dross, created in the wave solder pot, reducing ~50% in new solder bar purchases, thus saving both money and the environment.

Hot dross is scooped up from the surface of the wave solder pot by the hand held, lightweight Solder-Saver. Dross oxides are swiftly separated from the solder using the unique high-speed rotary process system and renders the dross ready for easy collection and safe disposal.

About Gen3 Systems
Gen3 Systems is specialty manufacturer
of award-winning industry standard benchmark test and measurement equipment used to improve electronic circuit reliability. They also design and manufacture conformal coating process equipment – both bench-top and in-line systems – and offer a range of test services.

Providing award-winning contributions to the standards development bodies IEC (International Electro- Technical Commission), ISO (International Standards Organisation) and IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries - USA), they work extensively with the British National Physical Laboratory (NPL) through whose science research, they employ and evolve new measurement techniques and test equipment.

Gen3 is also a specialist distributor for several leading equipment manufacturers including: ACE (Selective Soldering & Refinishing); DIMA (Selective Coating & Dispensing); FineTech (MicroAssembly and Rework); Marantz (AOI & SPI); MBTech (Batch Cleaning); Optilia (Inspection Microscopes)

Gen3 Systems is located near the Farnborough Business Park, on the M3 corridor and just 30 minutes from London’s Heathrow Airport.

The company manufactures and provides services for:

· AUTOSIR Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR) test system
· AUTOCAF Conductive Anodic Filament (CAF) test system
· MUST 3 Solderability test system
· GENSONIC Stencil Cleaning
· CM SERIES CONTAMINOMETER™ cleanliness test systems
· SC SERIES spray coating systems, both batch and in-line
· DC NANO-COAT dip coating systems, both batch and in-line
· TEST SERVICES for circuit reliability, solderability and cleanliness

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