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Publication Date: 12/1/2012
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Ultravolt: New High Power Systems
Hi-voltage DC power supply.
Ronkonkoma NY — UltraVolt, Inc. is introducing its newest high-voltage power systems — the HCP Series and MCP Series. These new high-voltage rackmount and bench-top power systems are compact and light weight with a full-featured chassis and high voltage outputs of 0 to 125VDC to 2kV for the MCP series and 0 to 3.5kV to 300kV for the HCP series.

These high voltage systems enable users to reach high levels of power, starting from 0 to 14W and up to 15kW. Users will also benefit from high performance of the systems, which includes low ripple, excellent regulation, floating output, a low stored energy, and optional electronically controlled polarity reversal. Systems in either series are fully programmable via a 10-turn potentiometer in which the adjusting knob can be locked. Each series also includes voltage and current monitors and can achieve "Green Power" efficiency of approximately 90 percent. Multiple computer interfaces are available on all units.

The broad range of voltage and power levels makes the series suitable for a variety of industries and applications. Typical applications for the new series include particle accelerators, ion implantation, ion sources, ion pumps, electrostatic precipitators and material separators, electrostatic spraying and flocking, sub-sea power sources, and test equipment.

The company is expanding its product offerings with higher power and higher voltage ranges. The company is expanding its prior offering of models from 1.2kV at 90kW to now include models up to 2kV at 14kW and up to 300kV at 1.2kW. The MCP and HCP series product lines give users a significant capability with high connectivity, solid features, and performance.

Contact: UltraVolt, Inc., 1800 Ocean Ave., Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 800-948-7693 or 631-471-4444 fax: 631-471-4696 Web:

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