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Publication Date: 12/1/2012
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Smart Redundancy Modules from Phoenix Contact
Smart redundant power module.
Middletown, PA — Phoenix Contact's Quint ORing active redundancy modules use new auto current balancing (ACB) technology for precise load sharing. The ACB technology, coupled with load current monitoring, remote diagnostics and visual indications, ensures maximum reliability in redundant power systems.

ACB technology automatically and symmetrically distributes the load current without regard to effects such as temperature drift. With a balanced current draw, lifetime expectancy of each power supply may double. The Quint ORing module's display shows the status of the load sharing. If the module nears a critical state, it will generate an alarm.

In addition to the ACB, the module can monitor the load current. If a load powered by redundant power supplies draws more current than a single power supply can provide, this essentially defeats the redundancy. At this point the Quint ORing will send an alarm to the control system. Typically this functionality would require an additional current monitoring product.

The Quint ORing can also diagnose itself. If the internal redundancy is defeated, the module generates an alarm to the control system. Quint ORing technology uses MOSFETs for decoupling instead of the typical Schottky or silicon diode. This saves up to 70 percent more energy than traditional modules and reduces heat in a control cabinet.

The Quint ORing is available in two 24VDC versions. The 32mm-wide module accepts up to two 5- or 10-amp inputs. A 38mm-wide version accepts up to two 10- or 20-amp inputs. Both are approved for use in Class I, Div. 2 hazardous locations.

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