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Publication Date: 12/1/2012
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Spectral Evolution: Measuring Solar Devices
Portable spectroradiometer.
Lawrence, MA — For laboratory research applications that require UV measurement starting at 280nm, Spectral Evolution now offers the SR-3501 and SR1901 laboratory spectroradiometers. These instruments provide 280-2500nm and 280-1900nm capabilities, respectively for researchers working in applications on solar irradiance measurements and solar simulator spectral match classification, LED metrology, semiconductor thin film thickness metrology, and absorbence chemistry and fluorimetry for kinetic study.

Both the SR-3501 and the SR-1901 provide: full range UV/VIS/NIR/SWIR measurement with just one scan, in a single box; InGaAs and Si photodiode arrays and fixed optics for reliable operation without moving gratings or internal fiber optics; autoexposure, autoscaling, and auto dark shutter for fast, accurate scans; NIST-traceable calibration; compact, lightweight design that's easy to set up and use.

All spectrometers are equipped with the exclusive DARWin SP Data Analysis software package, for key analysis features: validate the spectral match class of any commercially available continuous output solar simulator, per IEC 60904-9/ASTM E927-05; plot data and review results in radiometric or photometric units; single and multiple spectral plots available; compare current scans against libraries; calculate and plot chromaticity coordinates and diagrams; automatically saves data as an ASCII file to 3rd party software — no extra export function is necessary.

The SR-3501 and SR-1901 can be ordered with a range of optics choices, including fiber optics with right angle diffusers, direct mounted integrating spheres, and field of view lenses.

Contact: Spectral Evolution, 1 Canal Street, Unit B1, Lawrence, MA 01840 978-687-1833 Web:

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