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Publication Date: 12/1/2012
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Count On Tools: New Mydata Exchange Program
Replacement Mydata nozzle.
Gainsville, GA — Count On Tools Inc., a provider of precision components and SMT spare parts, has re-launched its Mydata Exchange Program for new customers. Manufacturers who have worn or broken Mydata Midas Nozzles can exchange them for a new tool at a discounted cost. For every Mydata Midas tool sent in, customers are eligible to receive a 30 percent discount toward the purchase of a new tool of the same type.

There are three criteria that must be met for an exchange. First, Count On Tools must have an equivalent tool in the exchange inventory. Second, this program is open only to standard Midas tooling, including the following Mydata Midas nozzles types: C14, A12, A13, A14S, A23, A24, C23. In addition, any competitor's tools are eligible for exchange, including tools purchased directly from the OEM (MYDATA) or other vendors. Third, this program is available as a one-time offer to new customers who have never purchased MYDATA products from COT in the past.

The company's competitive pricing is based on historical repair data and recommended worn part replacement information for each type of tool. All exchange tool prices are 30 percent less than the price of a new tool, giving price-sensitive customers an alternative to the expense of a new tool or costly rework of worn and damaged tools. The program is designed to promote significant cost savings for end users by enabling them to recover some of the cost of worn or damaged tools. The new program emphasizes speed and convenience when the need is most urgent. Also, all exchange tools carry the COT full warranty.

Contact: Count On Tools Inc., 2481 Hilton Dr., Suite 3, Gainesville, GA 30501 770-538-0411 E-mail: sales@pbtools.us Web:

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