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Publication Date: 12/1/2012
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Samtec Intros AFI Floating Interface System

New Albany, IN — Samtec's newly released AFI floating interface system offers the most misalignment compensation in the RF industry. This system is suitable for military, aerospace, cable modem termination systems, internet and telecommunication applications, as well as being a solution to overcome ...Read More
2000W Compact Pure Sine Wave Inverter from Schaefer

Hopkinton, MA — Schaefer, Inc. is introducing the AEP-2000 Series of 2000W, rugged, high efficiency, pure sine wave inverters. The clean pure sine wave output of the AEP-2000 Series, with less than 3 percent total harmonic distortion, is suitable for powering sensitive loads and for improving AC ...Read More
Pentair Offers Schroff Rack Cabinets

Minneapolis, MN — Pentair Technical Products is offering the Schroff brand NOVASTAR 19-in. aluminum cabinet platform, offering 46 standard models to accommodate virtually any configuration for rack-mounted electronics and instruments with off-the-shelf convenience. Engineered for flexibility, NOVASTAR ...Read More
Schurter Expands SM Chip Fuses Line

Santa Rosa, CA — Schurter is expanding its extensive range of surface mount chip fuses with an unusual entry: the new 50 mA fuse in the USFF family, which clearly sets itself apart from standard commercial products through a lower voltage loss and an exact opening time. The USFF 1206 thus offers ...Read More
16-Channel PCI Express Encoder from Sensoray

Tigard, OR — Sensoray's newest addition to its extensive line of OEM video capture cards is the Model 819, a 16-channel H.264 PCI Express encoder. For each input video channel the 819 can provide multiple output streams: two H.264 streams at independently set resolutions, frame rates, bitrates; a ...Read More
Skyworks Unveils High Gain Low Noise Amplifier

Woburn, MA — Skyworks has unveiled a 2.3 to 2.8GHz, two-stage, high linearity and high gain (32dB) low noise amplifier. The product, called the SKY67107-306LF, offers a very low noise figure of 0.85dB, and excellent return loss of 15dB, all in a small 4mm square quad flat, no-lead package. \par ...Read More
SL Power Intros Embedded Power Supply

Ventura, CA — SL Power Electronics, a division of SL Industries, has added the triple output MINT3110 to its high density, open frame AC/DC medical-grade power supply family. The MINT3110 family is suitable for medical applications in surgical and laboratory instruments requiring low leakage, multiple ...Read More
TDK Intros Combo Cap/Inductor

Iselin, NJ — TDK Corp. has unveiled LCap, a new film capacitor from EPCOS for motor control applications. LCap combines an AC capacitor with a choke coil in a single case, cutting costs and halving assembly times. Savings also result from the fact that only two leads are now required instead of four ...Read More
Techcon Systems Adds Teflon Lined Tips

Garden Grove, CA — Techcon Systems, a product group of OK International, has added 13mm (0.5-in.) length Teflon® Lined Tips to its product family. Read More
Techspray Launches Ultra-Pure IPA Aerosol

Amarillo, TX — Techspray has introduced E-LINE IPA (part #1610-12S) Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) in new, convenient 12-oz. aerosol package. The 99.8 percent pure anhydrous (minimal water) IPA is excellent for defluxing, fiber optics maintenance, stencil cleaning, tool cleaning, tape-head cleaning, and ...Read More
Electric Actuator Sizing Software from Tolomatic

Hamel, MN — A new online electric actuator sizing program from Tolomatic simplifies the design and specification of electric motion control projects. The online software allows precise specification of either rod-style or rodless electric actuators based on the motion profile (velocity/acceleration ...Read More
Ultravolt: New High Power Systems

Ronkonkoma NY — UltraVolt, Inc. is introducing its newest high-voltage power systems — the HCP Series and MCP Series. These new high-voltage rackmount and bench-top power systems are compact and light weight with a full-featured chassis and high voltage outputs of 0 to 125VDC to 2kV for the MCP ...Read More
WAGO Intros Endless Jumper

Germantown, WI — WAGO Corp.'s 2002 Series Endless Jumpers simplify continuous commoning for TOPJOBs DIN-rail terminal blocks. Developed for blocks with one jumper slot per level, two compact Endless Jumper contacts (legs) fit in one jumper slot. Beyond providing continuous commoning in one slot, ...Read More
Wilbrecht LEDCO Adds SMT Resistors

St. Paul, MN — Wilbrecht LEDCO, Inc., a subsidiary of Microprecision Electronics SA, is adding surface-mount precision foil resistors to its product line.Read More
XP Power: Smallest AC-DC Power Supplies

Sunnyvale, CA — XP Power has introduced what are believed to be the world's smallest 5 and 10Watt single output AC-DC power supplies. Measuring just 1 x 1 x 0.6-in., (25.4 x 25.4 x 15.24mm) the miniature 5 Watt ECE05 series of encapsulated board mount power supplies are suitable for end-product designs ...Read More
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