Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Pemtron Selected by CTS EMS to Supply TROI 5700HL 3D Solder Paste Inspection Systems
SEOUL, Korea – 
Pemtron, a leading supplier of 3D solder paste inspection systems (SPI) for the electronics industry, announced today that they have been selected to provide the TROI 5700HL 3D solder paste inspection systems (SPI) to CTS, a global leader in the design and manufacturing of electronic components, sensors and actuators and a provider of electronic manufacturing services (EMS). CTS EMS will utilize Pemtron’s TROI 5700HL 3D SPI within their quality assurance program of their Electronics Manufacturing Solutions (EMS) operation, for automated inspection of its printed circuit boards.

CTS EMS selected the Pemtron system after assessing the capabilities of various other systems on the basis of time and ease of programming, ease of operation, data output, speed, price and inspection performance, including a complete Gage R&R study. They had won a significant contract to build control systems for the automotive industry and the new business required a dedicated SMT line with PWB serial number to component reference ID traceability. Ultimately CTS EMS selected the Pemton system, adding it to their dedicated SMT line. This allowed CTS to meet the client’s traceability requirement, providing solder deposition traceability and quality reporting down to a specific lead on a component. “Initial production runs showed an immediate improvement in AOI and electrical test yields,” said Michael McCallion, Director of Operations EMS for CTS EMS. “Rework decreased significantly, as the system functions as a gate, not allowing component placement and reflow of PWB's with defective prints. The Pemtron system provides the immediate feedback to the operators we need, allowing root cause analysis of the print process. This has led to improved stencil printer setup and a reduction of defects detected by the SPI system.”

CTS EMS assembles electronic and mechanical components into finished sub-assemblies and final products under contract manufacturing agreements with OEMs. Their EMS operation specializes in value-added products and services for customers throughout the medical, aerospace and defense, computer and communications markets. CTS EMS also holds specialty FDA and medical approvals, along with aerospace and defense registrations, which are required to certify many of the complex products they produce. CTS’ critical inspection requirements called for an inspection solution that would meet the stringent demands of their application. They awarded the contract to Pemtron based on their reliable, accurate inspection capabilities, powerful, easy to use software and superior training and customer support. “We’re pleased that an industry leader such as CTS has engaged Pemtron’s SPI expertise to ensure quality, defect-free printed circuit boards, which are held to the highest quality standards for use in critical and even lifesaving applications,” said Steve Wongsonvanee, Pemtron’s General Manager - Americas.

Pemtron’s TROI SPI 3D Series systems are available in both in-line and tabletop configurations. The TROI 5700HL system offers in-line, high-resolution, high-speed, dual projection 3D solder paste inspection for large PCB boards, up to 500 x 460mm (20 x 18”), while the tabletop TROI 2200TL model 3D SPI, provides the same large PCB inspection area. The TROI Series color 3D solder paste inspection (3D SPI) systems use the latest color algorithms to produce images in-line with the appearance of an actual PCB. The TROI SPI provides customers with powerful quality control, offering accurate automated 3D inspection with convenient, easy-to-use and highly customizable software. Traditional 3D imaging only expresses the height as a color map. The TROI SPI utilizes Pemtron’s patented technology, connecting 2D colored images with 3D measuring data to provide detailed and accurate 3D color images.
The TROI SPI features:
High-speed inspection using fringe pattern projection High resolution – 4 megapixel, 160 FPS camera 3D Composite color image processing Dual projection Phase Measurement Technology Quick and easy programming - Simple inspection recipe programming in 5 minutes User friendly GUI SPC data collection Low cost of ownership

Pemton’s intuitive software also played a key factor in CTS EMS’s selection, offering powerful inspection capability, with quick and easy programming in 10 minutes or less. The Gerber import module and user friendly, step-by-step programming minimizes set-up time and ensures ease-of-use for users of any level. A graphical interface displays all key functions in one convenient window, eliminating the need to switch between multiple screens. The TROI can be set to fully automated defect classification or operator classification mode. Classifying defects by operator provides convenient, easy to read results and full-color 2D and 3D solder paste views. In addition, statistical data collection is stored for process control in commonly used database formats, which users can sort, recall and print in various chart and graph formats.

“The TROI 5700 3D SPI provides us with the critical feedback we need,” said McCallion. “By utilizing the TROI 5700 in-line, we are able to detect any issues early in the manufacturing process, which saves us time. The system has provided a positive impact on yield and reduction of rework, and justifying our investment of adding in-line 3D SPI to all SMT lines in the facility.”
About Pemtron
Pemtron Corporation is a global manufacturer of inspection equipment ranging from Scanning Electron Microscopes to 3D Solder Paste Inspection. Our extensive sales and support structure in Europe, Asia and the Americas ensures we are always at your side. With innovative technology our goal and customer satisfaction our drive we continue to make every effort to bring cost effective solutions to your industry. The company has sales offices and customer support centers in North America, and Asia.
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