Saturday, May 26, 2018
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SST?Harsh IP67 Remote Communication Module from Molex Delivers On-Machine PROFIBUS Connectivity to Rockwell Logix Controllers
Molex Incorporated will showcase its SST™ IP67 PB3 Remote Module for PROFIBUS at Automation Fair®, November 7 - 8, Molex booth 1417. A linking device with on-board PROFIBUS* and Ethernet communication ports, the SST IP67 PB3 remote module provides a fast and easy solution for adding PROFIBUS Master and Slave connectivity to Rockwell Logix controllers (CompactLogix, ControlLogix, SoftLogix†, etc).

"The PB3 module provides the same features of an in-chassis module, with greater flexibility and Ethernet connectivity to simplify monitoring tasks," said George Kairys, product manager, Molex. "The PB3 module is designed to be installed on machines or in cells-or any convenient location on the industrial plant floor."

The harsh duty remote design allows the SST IP67 PB3 remote module to be installed directly on the machine or in the field to reduce the requirement of costly PROFIBUS cabling required to connect the controller and field device. Designed for factory automation, process control and complex machine applications, the powerful module executes high speed PROFIBUS-DP data exchange with the Logix controller with up to 2KBytes Input + 2KBytes Output PROFIBUS process data. It is fully integrated into the Rockwell Software Architecture through features such as add-on instructions, access to PROFIBUS DP-V1 services and diagnostics and direct access from RSLogix† 5000 to PROFIBUS I/O data, without writing any ladder logic.

Additional features include:
· Engineering software console for automatic DP device discovery, configuration and diagnostics
· AOI export of PROFIBUS I/O variables in RSLogix 5000 (.L5X) format, so users can browse PROFIBUS tags (with correct name, type, etc.)
Ability to simultaneously run PROFIBUS master and slave protocols CommDTM driver allowing Rockwell users in process control industries to perform asset management with software, such as FactoryTalk AssetCentre†, PACTware‡ and FieldCare§ Optional conformal coating version extends the working life and improves security and reliability of performance in extreme or humid conditions
"The Molex IP67 SST PB3 remote module enables easy installation and sharing of I/O process data-and the ability for multiple types of automation equipment to connect to a single module," adds Kairys.

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