Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Les Charbonnières, Switzerland -  
The Board of Directors of Valtronic Technologies (Holding) SA appointed Dr. Martin Zimmermann as CEO of the Valtronic Group and President of Valtronic Technologies (Suisse) SA. After successfully restructuring the company, Dr. Peter Ruppersberg, outgoing CEO, will remain in the Group and serve as Senior Advisor on certain strategic projects. The Board of Directors expressed their gratitude for Dr. Ruppersberg's leadership during his three year mandate at Valtronic Group.

Dr. Martin Zimmermann joined Valtronic as the Director of Precision Design and Engineering in July 2011. He has been in charge of the new precision mechanical parts production and managed the recent move of this activity to a custom designed facility in Les Charbonnières, across from the existing headquarters. He also served as the Chairman of the Group Finance Sub-Committee. Prior to joining Valtronic, Dr. Zimmermann was CEO of Venner Medical and held various positions at medical device companies in Switzerland and Germany, mainly in the field of infusion pumps. He has also held various international management positions in the specialty materials segment with Schott. Dr. Zimmermann holds a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Material Science.

Valtronic is a niche "mechatronics" manufacturing solutions company. We produce some of the most complex and valuable integrated electronic and mechanical products in the world. Our customers are leading global suppliers of medical implants, automated treatment devices, diagnostic imaging equipment and sensitive aerospace and industrial assemblies. For over 30 years we have helped hundreds of companies develop and produce thousands of Class II & III medical devices and advanced miniaturized electronic assemblies from our facilities worldwide.

Valtronic Technologies (Suisse) SA
Dr. Martin Zimmermann
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