Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Ruggedized MIL Grade Laser from BEA Lasers
Ruggedized MIL type laser.
Elk Grove Village, IL — BEA Lasers has introduced its new Ruggedized Industrial Laser System. The MIL-300RH (650nm red laser diode) and MIL-300-GH (532nm green laser diode) are suitable for Metal-Forming, Alignment, Punch Presses, Welding, Positioning, Drilling, Targeting, Heavy Duty Saws and many other heavy industrial applications.

The system includes a 12mm connector fitted to a black zinc coated, stainless steel laser diode housing, with customer's choice of a red or green laser diode module. It comes with a choice of optics — standard round, line, cross (no additional charge), or an optional target. Included is a black PVC coated 2-meter long cable with either a straight or 90° connector. The laser is powered by a 3.3VDC switching power supply.

The Ruggedized Industrial Laser Systems are liquid-resistant and built to withstand vibration, chemicals, impact and dust conditions, as well as most other harsh environmental conditions.

Contact: BEA Lasers, Inc., 2330 Brickvale Drive, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 800-783-2321 fax: 847-238-1423 E-mail: Web:

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