Monday, June 18, 2018
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Advantech Launches 2 High Performance Automation Controllers
Automation control system.
Cincinnati, OH — Advantech's Industrial Automation Group has launched two new open architecture embedded controllers — the UNO-2184G and the UNO-2174G. The UNO-2184G is a high-end, high performance model designed for applications that require a large amount of graphical processing power while the UNO-2174G is a mid-end controller for industries that require faster performance, but not the 3D capabilities of the 2184G. Both benefit from the industrial design technique of isolated chassis and logic grounds for increased stability and reliability.

The UNO-2184G comes with a high performance Intel® Core i7-2655LE processor and the UNO-2174G comes with an Intel Celeron® 847E processor. Both models can support up to 16GB DDR3 RAM (with 4/8GB RAM onboard or built-in), a dedicated Intel HD graphics processor, and are completely fanless enabling them to operate in temperatures as low as -10°C and as high as +60°C.

The core i7 CPU on the UNO-2184G supports AMT 7.0, which is hardware-based technology for remotely managing and securing PCs regardless of whether the machine is powered on or if an operating system is installed or functional.

Both models come with three display ports (DVI, HDMI and Display Port — allowing two simultaneous connections), six USB2.0 ports, two Mini PCIe sockets and SIM card slot card ready for additional 3rd party cards such as WLAN, 3G, GPRS, and GPS; four Gigabit LAN ports which support teaming functionality such as fault tolerance, link aggregation and load balance features; dual COM ports that support RS-232, -422 and -485 with automatic flow control and support for any baud rate; and, using the powered e-SATA port, a backup hard drive or USB device can also be connected.

The UNO-2184G and 2174G come with a dedicated Intel VT-D chipset which allows system administrators to install multiple operating systems on a single device. Each virtual machine can then take control of the parts of the hardware that it needs to perform its tasks.

Contact: Advantech America Embedded & Network Computing Group, 38 Tesla, Suite 100, Irvine, CA 92618 800-866-6008 or 949-789-7178 Web:

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