Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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IAC Adds Powered Height-Adjust to Workbenches
Adjustable-height workstations.
Brea, CA — IAC Industries has added powered worksurface-height adjustability to the company's Pro Series line with the 960 Workstation, and its flagship Dimension 4 Workstation. The focus on ergonomics provides a platform on which assembly processes take place in greater comfort and efficiency for the operator, which in turn generates greater productivity. Adjustable height workstations also allow greater versatility in the workplace as tasks change from processes that benefit from either a sitting a standing position. Height adjustment is motor-controlled, and utilizes hydraulics for smooth operation. Powered height adjustment is an option on Dimension 4, and is available on both single-side and double-side workstation models. Powered height adjustment is standard on all 960 Series workstations.

On the 960 Series, the 12-in. (305mm) adjustment range provides worksurface heights ranging from 30 to 42-in. (0.76 to 1m). On Dimension 4, the powered height adjustment mechanism is part of the worksurface assembly that may be positioned at any height within the vertical uprights on these workstations, and provides 12-in. (305mm) of travel.

Accessory items for the 960 Series, such as a Multi-Task System for shelving and lighting, and electrical channels mounted to the worksurface, adjust up and down in unison with the worksurface. Travel time for the full adjustment range on both workstations is 32 seconds, and is actuated with separate UP and Down pushbuttons. The total weight capacity is 500 lbs. (227kg) evenly distributed, which includes accessory items added to the bench.

Cantilever style support pedestals on these two workstation models increase operator range of motion and have floor glides with a one-inch (25.4mm) adjustment range for leveling the worksurface.

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