Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Highest Performance Multitest Contactors
BlueLine contactor.
Rosenheim, Germany — Multitest's BlueLine contactors make the high-performance cantilever contacting technology available for non-Multitest handlers as well. Although the company is known for one-stop Plug-and-Yield solutions, its contactors are well established and successfully deployed on other handler brands. An excellent example of a successful deployment of Multitest contactors is a long-term business relationship with a major Japanese IDM that uses Multitest DuraKelvin® sockets on non-Multitest pick-and-place handlers. Also, on this third-party equipment, the DuraKelvin performs exceptionally in terms of yield, life span and cost of test. The customer constantly reorders and already has bought several hundred of these contactors.

Contact: Multitest Electronic Systems, Inc., 4444 Centerville Road, Suite 105, St. Paul, MN 55127-3700 651-407-7777 fax: 651-407-7290 E-mail: Web:

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