Sunday, June 17, 2018
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ECT Intro New Technology for Interposer Market
Sliver interposer.
Pomona, CA — Everett Charles Technologies' Compliant Connector Solutions (CCS) has developed a low-profile technology for the interposer market. The company's new Sliver technology (Patent #7,695,286) reportedly offers the most efficient use of Z height available on the market. Sliver is suitable for space and lifecycle performance.

The marketplace continues to drive evermore complex packaging. Common solutions are either too tall or face early failure due to insufficient strain distribution. Sliver combines traditional bending techniques with its sliding technology, creating a contact that will maintain its compliance characteristics time after time. Sliver also fits comfortably in today's high-density packages. Its density and height parameters are designed to specification for each application. One recent design achieved a 0.025-in. (0.63mm) compressed height on a 0.026-in. (0.65mm) grid. The uncompressed height of the contact is 0.037-in. (0.094mm), resulting in an impressive 50 percent compliance-to-height ratio.

Contact: Everett Charles Technologies, 700 E. Harrison Ave., Pomona, CA 91767 909-625-5551 fax: 909-624-9746 Web:

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