Monday, June 18, 2018
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FocalSpot Wins New Orders for Counterfeit Device Screening
San Diego, CA — FocalSpot, Inc. has recently received new orders for its Automated Component Inspection Series (CIS) systems including a second system for Classic IC for its Hong Kong facility and DERF Electronics and ArTel Solutions in New York. FocalSpot has been providing both Reel-to-Reel and Stand-alone X-ray Inspection Systems for Counterfeit device screen and Intellectual Property documentation to Test Houses, Original Chip Manufacturers and Independent Component Distributors since 2006. Steve Lee, of ArTEL Solutions said, "We selected the FocalSpot Systems based on the quality of the images, detection software, and its high quality construction."

Counterfeit device screening has presented itself as a necessary measure to protect Independent Distributors and EMS manufacturers from unknowingly incorporating fraudulent components into their assemblies.

The Verifier CIS provides real-time internal inspection of semiconductor devices to identify differences in component construction including difference in lead frame layout, die paddle, die size, and wire bond layout. Based on the company's original component inspection system, an Automated Reel to Reel X-ray Inspection System, demonstrated at SemiCon West in 2007, the product has been enhanced to be more configurable to include variable field of view imaging, dual mode video inspection, automated detection, along with removable material handling systems to index reels, tubes, as well as a standard x-y table to move Jedec trays during the inspection process.

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