Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Imagineering Expanding Production in U.S.
Elk Grove Village, IL — Imagineering is expanding its manufacturing capabilities. The company has developed its business by following a customer-demand-driven model which has provided consistent 15 percent year-on-year growth. In its latest endeavor, the company is expanding its value-added PCB supplier business to offer quick-turn, small-volume PCB assembly services to its customers. The company is bringing this manufacturing expansion back home to the U.S.

"The facility that is currently being built will be state-of-the-art,and three times the size of our existing manufacturing facility," said Khurrum Dhanji, COO, acknowledging that Imagineering made the move to offer a limited level of assembly services to select customers a few years ago. "This is the next logical step based both on what we are seeing in terms of customer demand, as well as what we have observed as a real need for this type of QTA, smaller volume service in North American manufacturing. There is an opportunity here, and we have been asked to help fill it."

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