Thursday, June 21, 2018

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Agilent: Economical Solder-In Probes

Santa Clara, CA — Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced economical semipermanent solder-in probing solutions for its InfiniiMax III oscilloscope probing system. Engineers can use these accessories for high-speed digital system design, component design/characterization and differential serial bus ...
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Advanced Interconnect: Customized Connectors

West Warwick, RI — Advanced Interconnections Corp. is showcasing a broad array of customized connector capabilities. In addition to the company's standard SMT and thru-hole board-to-board connectors, application-specific designs will be showcased, ranging from large, shrouded solutions for high-reliability ...
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Aimtec Intros First Ultra-Cold Startum LED Drivers

Vaudreuil-Dorion, Canada — Aimtec has released the industry's first and only AC/DC LED drivers that are capable of an ultra-cold startup at -55°C. This new line of rugged LED drivers has been designed to support the integration of SSL technology in extreme cold climates and high altitudes, such ...
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Beta Layout Implants RFIDs in PCBs

Aarbergen-Kettenbach, Germany — Beta Layout's newest innovation "Magic PCB" is being unveiled. This new development is described as a groundbreaking application — a machine to embed RFID chips into a printed circuit board.
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Binder-USA Intros Submin Color Coded Connectors

Camarillo, CA — Binder-USA has expanded the Series 620 snap-in product line by including color-coded plugs and receptacles. The color-coded connectors help to prevent accidental mis-mating when several connectors are installed on the same equipment. With an OD of only 11.5mm, the connectors offer ...
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B&K Precision Adds Dual Range Power Supply

Yorba Linda, CA — B&K Precision has added the model 1747 — the company's dual range DC power source. Delivering up to 350W of power with constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC) modes, the new unit can output either higher voltage at a lower current range (0-60V, 5A), or higher current ...
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Constant Current AC/DC LED Power Supply from Green Watt Power

Concord, CA — Green Watt Power, a Division of Calex Mfg., has introduced the GLC-30 Series of Constant Current AC/DC LED power supplies. The universal input LED power supplies accept the full range AC input voltage of 100 to 277VAC, offering stable and reliable 30W output power. They are available ...
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Cobar: Water Cleanup Solder Wire

Breda, Netherlands — Cobar Solder Products Inc. now carries Balver Zinn LF3237 Solder Wire, a heat-activated flux formulation for special applications, whose residue is water-soluble . The solder wire shows fast and excellent wetting properties. Because of the high halide content of 1.2 percent, it performs very well on all available PCB finishes.

With the LF3237 Solder Wire, residues are easily removed with water.

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Fox's New XpressO TCXOs for Custom Frequencies

Fort Myers, FL — Fox Electronics, an IDT company, has enhanced its innovative XpressO line of low jitter configurable oscillators with the XpressO-TC, a new TCXO (Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillator) version with custom frequencies up to 250MHz. As with all XpressO oscillators, the new TCXOs ...
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Global Lighting Technologies: LED Based Illumination

Brecksville, OH — Global Lighting Technologies (GLT) is showing a new range of LED-based light guides used in backlighting and general illumination (SSL) applications solutions. The company's light guides provide a high-brightness, super-slim, uniform backlight for applications ranging from high ...
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Pocket-Size Mini Spectrometer from GL

Weilheim/Teck, Germany — The GL Spectis 1.1 is the newest member of the family of handy mini-spectrometers from GL Optic — a tool that allows for a reliable spectral light measurement. Together with the handy integrating sphere GL Opti Sphere 48, available as an accessory, brightness values can ...
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Goepel Makes Boundary Scan Apps Interference-Free

Jena, Germany — Goepel electronic is introducing the TAP-Isolator, a special module to improve interference immunity in serial scan operations. The newly developed hardware was specifically designed for applications in critical signal environments needing potential isolation, enabling a complete ...
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Hammond Intros Online Configurator and New Accessories

Cheektowaga, NY — Hammond Manufacturing has introduced an online configuration tool for its HME Series of modular freestanding enclosures, the Q-Assembly service, The tool is simple and logical to use. It guides the specifier from the initial selection of the required cabinet ...
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Honeywell Expands Wireless Portfolio

Minneapolis, MN — Honeywell has released the new LimitlessWireless Operator Interface, WOI Series, which expands the company's Limitless wireless switch and receiver portfolio by providing a packaged pushbutton controller for manufacturers and OEMs....

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MicroSD Extreme Temperature Test Socket from Ironwood

Eagan, MN — Ironwood Electronics has introduced a new MicroSD socket (SBT-MicroSD-01) that addresses high performance requirements for Speed Class Rating, which guarantees a minimum rate at which data can be written to the card. The contactor is a stamped spring pin with 19 gram actuation force per ...
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JTAG: Digital/Analog I/O Module

Eindhoven, Netherlands — JTAG Technologies, provider of JTAG/boundary-scan products for electronics test and debug, is showcasing amongst other new products the latest soft-and hardware developments.
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LPKF Showcasing PCB Milling Machine

Garbsen, Germany — LPKF Laser & Electronics is providing live demonstrations of its in-house rapid PCB prototyping equipment which is especially suitable for in-house prototyping while eliminating the need for outsourcing. High-performance boards can be made and tested in a single day without the ...
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Oupiin Intros First Terminal Blocks

Valencia, CA — The first in a new line of terminal blocks is being introduced by Oupiin. This initial offering covers pitches from 2.54 to 6.35mm with a current rating of 2 to 20amps and wire gauges from AWG 22 to AWG 10 (0.635mm diam. to 2.586mm diam.). Product Categories currently available and soon to be ...
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Phoenix Contact Intros MCR Surge Protection

Middletown, PA — Phoenix Contact has introduced PT-IQ, an intelligent MCR surge protection device with multi-stage remote monitoring. It provides proactive functional monitoring for signal interface surge protection devices.
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3 Piezo Motor Technologies Explained in New PI Catalog

Auburn, MA — PI has released a new catalog of its piezoelectric motors. The 70-page brochure covers three different types of piezo motors — inertial motors, often referred to as "stick slip" motors; ultrasonic motors; and stepping (walk) type motors.
In addition to applications and commercially available products with drawings and technical data, background information on the operating principles and physics behind of each type of motor is available.

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