Saturday, April 21, 2018
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New Catalog Showcases Austin American’s In-line, Batch Cleaning Systems
Austin American Technology Corporation has published their new, comprehensive, color catalog, “The Science of Cleaning Green”, showcasing the full range of AAT’s high-performance in-line as well as batch cleaning systems in an easy-to-navigate format. The 12-page catalog is richly illustrated and contains photos, descriptions, and applications information for AAT’s NanoJetTM, MicroJetTM, and HydroJetTM in-line high-performance cleaning systems, as well as the MegaIonTM and X-SeriesTM batch cleaners, all designed and engineered by Austin American Technology Corporation (AAT), a leading global developer and supplier of environmentally-responsible production cleaning solutions for the electronics assembly, semiconductor, and other industries.

Product descriptions and features, as well as applications charts, specs, and schematics for each system are shown in an at-a-glance format that makes understanding and specifying the appropriate cleaning system simpler. The catalog also contains complete ordering information and other helpful resources.

The AAT MegaIon is the world’s first high precision cleaner and ROSE tester in one; the X-Series vertical format cleaner is a highly flexible batch cleaner for stencils or large (or panelized) PCBs that offers fast cycle times and is compatible with multiple cleaning chemistries.

The in-line cleaners include the NanoJetTM , which combines high performance with low cost of ownership, and higher productivity; cycle times tested for processing circuit boards completely washed, rinsed, and dried range from under 3 minutes to 10 minutes. NanoJet is completely closed-loop, for maximum chemistry recovery, minimized rinse water consumption, and substantial operational cost savings.

About Austin American Technology Corporation
Founded in 1986, Austin American Technology (AAT) is an innovative, market-leading company, engineering and manufacturing production and assembly systems for the electronics manufacturing industry. With more than 400 years of collective experience in the electronics and semiconductor industries, AAT’s production solutions have included hot gas rework and solder paste testing systems, and introduced the world's first automated stencil cleaner in 1988. During the 1990s, AAT developed batch cleaning systems and were early adopters of closed-loop (zero-discharge) capability. In 2000, AAT became a market leader in in-line cleaning systems with the introduction of the award-winning HYDROJET™ series, followed by the MICROJET™ inline flip chip cleaner to provide high volume cleaning capability in a small footprint. AAT systems are designed to maximize performance and minimize cost of ownership. For more information, visit

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