Thursday, May 24, 2018
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VarioTAP? Emulation Test extended to Graphical Display Controllers from Fujitsu?
JENA, Germany -  
GOEPEL electronic announces the availability of special model libraries for the first Fujitsu Graphical Display Controllers (GDC) of the MB86R0x Jade series and MB86R1x Emerald series to support the innovative emulation technology VarioTAP®.

The libraries, described as VarioTAP® models, enable the flexible execution of processor emulation tests utilizing the native debug interface. On this basis, hardware verification and test, as well as Flash memory programming are possible without specific firmware.

“Many of our customers in the automotive industry utilize the powerful Fujitsu controllers for their embedded graphics applications. They increasingly appealed to us regarding VarioTAP support as embedded access technology”, explains Steffen Koehler, Technology Officer for Processor Emulation in GOEPEL electronic’s JTAG/Boundary Scan Division. “The currently available VarioTAP models meet all these demands. They enable completely new test and programming strategies, mainly avoiding intrusive board contacting. The results are a faster prototype validation and a significant test quality improvement in the production process”.

About the Graphical Display Controllers (GDC):
The Fujitsu MB86Rxx controllers provide superior performance for ‘embedded automotive graphics solutions’ such as navigation systems, visual dashboards or head-up displays. The Jade series (MB86R0x) is controlled by an ARM9 processor, the heart of the Emerald series(MB86R1x) is an ARM Cortex A9 core. All GDC are integrated in a BGA housing (Ball Grid Array), featuring numerous complex analogue and digital peripheral units incl. multiple video interfaces, a DDR RAM interface and an external Flash interface.
The goal of VarioTAP is to provide appropriate tools for test, hardware debugging, Flash programming as well as design validation after chip mounting with minimal access efforts.

About VarioTAP and the new models:
VarioTAP® enables the reconfiguration of the integrated processor into a native design embedded test and programming controller via the JTAG Debug port. In addition to Boundary Scan (IEEE 1149.x), this test approach, commonly known as Processor Emulation Test (PET) is currently the most modern method in the area of Embedded System Access (ESA) technologies. It enables the functional at-speed test of all peripheral interfaces. The execution of customer-specific software IP is also easily possible.

The use of VarioTAP® does not require expert background knowledge, additional development tools, processor-specific pods, or any firmware, which makes the handling easy and uncomplicated.

The new VarioTAP IP models are supported in the development and execution software CASCON GALAXY® starting from version 4.6.1, and are activated by the licence manager in the system software. CASCON GALAXY® is a professional JTAG/Boundary Scan development environment, developed by GOEPEL electronic currently with 45 completely integrated ISP, test, and debug tools. The utilisation of the respective VarioTAP models is free of charge for existent customers with valid software maintenance contracts.

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