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Publication Date: 10/1/2012
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Temp-Sensitive Label Documents Excess Surface Temperature Level
Left label (black circle) indicates that temperature has exceeded 93°C. White label on right has never reached that temperature.
Springfield, MA — Industrial safety organizations ask for excess temperature monitoring for electric motors, transmission gears and other mission-critical parts used in chemical, energy and food processing industries. Exceeded temperature levels, when detected, provide the opportunity to take early preventive maintenance steps to guarantee continued and dependable

functionality of safety related components.

Jumbo-CelsiDot® excess temperature recording labels are economical, reliable, can be easily applied, and are large-faced temperature-sensitive labels. The Jumbo-CelsiDot 93°C attached to the electric motor in the left section of the photo has permanently turned from its original white to a permanent black. This a sure sign that this surface location in the past had exceeded the label's 93°C temperature color switch level. An identical Jumbo-CelsiDot 93°C label applied to the gear box to the right is still white. This is an undisputed sign that the temperature on that location never reached or passed the 93°C level.

Jumbo-CelsiDot labels are available in 40 different levels within the range form +40 to +260°C (104 to 500°F). Labels are available in packages of 24 labels or on rolls carrying 1000 pieces of same-temperature labels.

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