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Publication Date: 10/1/2012
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Nanotec: Plug & Drive Integrated Stepping Motors
Plug & Drive stepping motor.
Medford, MA — Nanotec Electronic US Inc. Plug & Drive Series integrated stepping motors are now available in IP65 wash down rated. The company's Closed Loop sine commutation control delivers excellent performance, and includes true torque-control through the entire motion profile, ranging from Nema 17 to Nema 34. The Plug & Drive series is fully programmable, while for coordinated motion the company offers CANopen or RS485. The PD6 series comes with fully programmable control from both CANopen and RS485.

These integrated motors eliminate unnecessary wiring between motor, control and encoder and come equipped with M12 and M16 connectors for simplified and fast installation — no bulky piggy-back designs. The control and encoder are contained inside the motor frame size resulting in the most compact design in the industry. Holding torque ranges from 0.5 to 9.3 Nm with maximum speed up to 3000 RPM. The company now includes CANopen or RS485 for coordinated motion in a fully programmable package making the Plug & Drive motors flexible for a wide range of applications.

The motor performance is due to closed-loop control with sine commutation. Torque, velocity and position are regulated through the entire motion profile. Position errors are corrected during the motion profile same as a servo controls. Stalling is not a problem because Nanotec? torque control increases current and adjusts to changing loads. Resonance is eliminated and the audible noise is greatly reduced. This makes the Closed Loop control an energy efficient choice.

Plug & Drive controls include true torque, speed and position control over the entire motion profile. The Plug & Drive motors have advantages over servo-motors, due to high torque at low RPM, short transient times, correct positioning without convergence, lower price and often smaller size.

Contact: Nanotec Electronic, U.S. Inc., 98 Sheridan Avenue, Medford, MA 02155 781-219-3343 fax: 781-498-1344 E-Mail: Web:

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