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Publication Date: 10/1/2012
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ZMDI Intros Dual Output Signal Conditioner
Dual-output signal conditioner IC.
Dresden, Germany — ZMDI has introduced new member of its ZSSC product family, the ZSSC3154. The new product, a signal sensor conditioner, is well suited to many automotive and industrial applications.

Two different input signals, such as a pressure signal from a resistive full bridge and temperature from an external temperature sensor (diode or positive temperature coefficient resistor), are read out using just the one IC.

The IC also measures the temperature of the full bridge sensor either externally or directly on the chip to compensate for the sensor's offset, gain and temperature coefficient up to the second order, and non-linearity failures up to the third order. The signal from the ambient temperature sensor is also digitally compensated for offset, gain and non-linearity up to the second order. These digital corrections are performed by a 16-bit RISC microcontroller using coefficients and settings stored in an on-board EEPROM memory. Different programmable configurations of the two analog outputs allow reading both measurement results simultaneously or generating two complementary (normal and antivalent) signals from the full-bridge sensor for controlling the correct sensor-to-module communication over time.

The ZSSC3154 allows a digital one-pass end-of-line calibration with integrated broken-chip detection, enabling fully automatic and highly efficient mass production for non-calibrated sensing elements. The IC is available as die or in a QFN32 5 x 5mm plastic package compliant with the JEDEC standard. The IC is qualified according to AEC-Q100 automotive standards for an operational temperature range between -40 and +125°C.

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