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Publication Date: 10/1/2012
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Viper VLM LaserViper Pointing System from Sapient
Laser-illuminated pick-to-light system.
Hatfield, PA — The new LaserViper® laser pointing Pick-to-Light system from Sapient Automation improves order picking accuracy and productivity in the Viper Vertical Lift Module (VLM).

The LaserViper is located in the pick window of the VLM. It identifies items to be picked with a red dot, eliminating mispicks for increased operator picking speed and accuracy. The system can pinpoint inventory and items as small as a fraction of an inch in size. Items such as vials, fasteners and small boxes of inventory can be located immediately.

Because the LaserViper pointing system eliminates light bars and indicators that operators have to read before manually locating a stored item in a tray, it allows higher tray storage density without sacrificing accuracy and productivity.

Sapient Automaton provides a full selection of automated storage and retrieval systems designed to increase profitability by reducing floor space, inventory and labor requirements while increasing accuracy, ergonomics and throughput performance. These

storage/retrieval systems are used in manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, life sciences, wholesale, institutions and retail applications.

Automated storage systems include the Hornet Horizontal Carousel, Viper Vertical Lift Module, Avenger Vertical Carousel, Mini-Avenger Vertical Carousel Cart System, PickaMed Carousels, XPress Pix Inventory and Warehouse Control Software, Spit Fire Pick Carts and Pick to Light systems.

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