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Publication Date: 10/1/2012
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Advanced Motion Controls: Higher Output Motor Controllers
Motor controller.
Camarillo, CA — Advanced Motion Controls has increased output capabilities from the M/V Series motor controllers Models AB200A100 and AVB200A100. The controllers now provide output of 125A continuous and 200A peak for up to 10 seconds at voltages from 20-80VDC — a nearly 50 percent increase in operating voltage over previous models.

Models AB100C200 and AVB100C200 output 100A continuous at voltages from 40-175VDC, a 25 percent increase in output current from previous models. The new additions maintain the same dimensions as their predecessors and bring the product line total up to 8 different models to choose from. This allows engineers to use the additional output with no additional size constraints.

The M/V series motor controllers are fully functional, four-quadrant servo drives purpose designed and built to operate today's mobile electric vehicular platforms. Specific applications include: mobile robots, AGVs, UGVs, material handling and transport vehicles in both industrial and military environments.

The motor control products provide high power from battery supplies with multiple operating modes, IP65 rating and compact design for either permanent magnet brushed or brushless motors. Applications include traction/propulsion, steering, lifting or any other electrically driven actuation such as compressors, winches and hoists.

Contact: Advanced Motion Controls, 3805 Calle Tecate, Camarillo, CA 93012 805-389-1935 fax: 805-389-1165 Web:

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