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Publication Date: 10/1/2012
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SIPLACE: Custom Nozzles, Grippers and Gripper Kit
Multi-Gripper kit.
Munich, Germany — ASM Assembly Systems, the maker of SIPLACE equipment, has made it easier for manufacturers to obtain precisely the gripper they need. Its Multi-Gripper Kit provides customers with more flexibility when handling odd shapes or new components. Users can use its special parts and components to build special grippers on their own, quickly and with a great deal of flexibility. This is a solution that saves time and money, especially when it comes to prototypes and small lot sizes. A customer needs a mere two minutes to construct his own special gripper, yet a special design order can take up to several weeks to arrive

With the SIPLACE Multi-Gripper Kit, users can take its parts and components to build special grippers on their own.

For needs that cannot be met by the kit, special designs are available from SIPLACE's special design service. In addition to designing and building the nozzles, grippers and feeders, SIPLACE also determines the proper machine and vision system settings and tests its products under realistic conditions. The demand for these items is driven predominantly by new products and services such as medical, automotive and industrial applications, as well as by the lack of process orientation in component development.

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