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Publication Date: 10/1/2012
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Hesse & Knipps Intros Extreme Loop Former Bondhead
Extreme loop bondhead.
Fremont, CA — Hesse & Knipps, Inc., has added the HBK08 Loop Former Bondhead to its BONDJET BJ935 and BONDJET BJ939 fully automatic heavy wire bonders to support growing requirements for high density module bonding. Offering highly precise die pattern recognition and bonder positioning precision, this heavy wire bondhead enables extremely long wire loops, special wire loop formations and minimal wire distances for fine pitch bonding in addition to multi-stich bonding.

The bondhead enables formation of loops or wire bridges with lengths up to 40mm and low loop heights with considerably higher wire stability than previously possible on any heavy wire bonder. A controlled bend induced into the wire by the loop former of the bondhead during the loop trajectory within <50 ms creates a considerably steeper loop fall in the back part of the wire bridge compared to conventional loop forms. With this loop formation, the distance of the wire bridge to the neighboring live circuit paths can be increased, creating a positive influence on the design rules of power modules.

For fine pitch heavy wire bonding — such as 600µm pitch for 400µm wire — requires a significantly smaller wire guide. The HBK08 Bondhead incorporates a symmetrical (closed) wire guide with a 70° guide angle to implement considerably larger loops with minimal distances.

Other key features of the HBK08 Bondhead include: Boxlight, a coaxial illumination source attached directly to the bondhead minimizes the distance to the object being illuminated, allowing homogeneous illumination of highly reflective surfaces up to a 5° tilt; specialized wire cutter developed for fine pitch heavy wire bonding incorporates a considerably steeper front-cut angle; air Wire cut enables "touch-free" wire cutting that eliminates surface touchdown, enabling the use of front-cut on highly sensitive chip surfaces; 3 mil wire capability for processing gold, aluminum and copper bonding wire with diameters from as small as 3 mil up to 20 mil (75µm up to 500µm).

Contact: Hesse & Knipps, Inc., 225 Hammond Avenue, Fremont, CA 94539 408-436-9300 fax: 408-436-282

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