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Publication Date: 10/1/2012
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Saelig Debuts High Performance Power Supply

Pittsford, NY — Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced the ODP3032, a high-performance, programmable three-channel linear DC power supply. The supply provides dual independent outputs with separate controls and one fixed 5V/3A supply for up to 195W total power with an output resolution of 1mV/1mA. The ...Read More
Safe Conveyor Intros Rodless Guide Rail Design

Swansea, MA — Safe Conveyor Inc. is now manufacturing adjustable guide rails for its modular plastic belt conveyor systems. These simple and easy-to-adjust guide rails have a streamlined design that provides quick and accurate adjustments without obtrusive bars protruding from the conveyor.Read More
Viper VLM LaserViper Pointing System from Sapient

Hatfield, PA — The new LaserViper® laser pointing Pick-to-Light system from Sapient Automation improves order picking accuracy and productivity in the Viper Vertical Lift Module (VLM).Read More
SKF CASM Servo Actuators Replace Pneumatics

Lansdale, PA — New SKF CASM Series servo actuators introduce excellent electromechanical solutions for applications historically performed by conventional pneumatic cylinders. By comparison, their technology inherently reduces energy consumption, potential contamination, noise, and maintenance needed ...Read More
Sonics: New 30kHz Ultrasonic Hand Held Plastics Welding System

Newtown, CT — Sonics and Materials, Inc. has added 30kHz model to its line of hand-held ultrasonic plastics welding systems. Like the 20 and 40kHz models, the 30kHz hand gun can be set to weld in digital time and/or constant energy modes, as well as continuous duty mode, for maximum control and versatility ...Read More
Standex-Meder: Outside Mount Liquid Level Reed Sensors

Cincinnati, OH — Standex-Meder Electronics has introduced three new versions of the LS03 liquid level sensor that can be mounted from the outside. The three models, DL, DK, and GZ, are suitable for liquid container monitoring in household, automotive, test and measurement, and control technology ...Read More
Techcon Systems Develops New Plural Components Guide

Garden Grove, CA — Techcon Systems, a product group of OK International has made available its new Plural Components Guide. The guide includes part numbers, product descriptions, and special instructions and features for Techcon components.
The Techkit is a compact and simple method of packaging two or three component resin systems into a 2.5-oz (74ml), 6-oz (177ml), 8-oz (237ml), 20-oz (591ml) or 1/10 gallon (325ml) cartridge. ...
Read More
Teledyne Dalsa: New Large-Format Full-Frame CCD Image Sensor

Waterloo, Ont., Canada — Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies company, has introduced its family of 60 million pixel, large format full-frame CCD image sensors. The new FTF9168 image sensors reportedly offer the highest resolution available in the industry today within a 645 optical format that can be imaged ...Read More
Tripp Lite Upgrades UPS Systems

Chicago, IL — Tripp Lite has upgraded its SmartOnline UPS systems. The SmartOnline UPS series now includes models (ranging from 750VA to 3000VA) that deliver top efficiency with 0.9 output power factor for maximum capacity, a new LCD control panel to simplify UPS management. With online UPS efficiency ...Read More
Victrex Peek Reduces Weight and Boosts Reliability

West Conshohocken, PA — The 90-Series high flow PEEK polymers from Victrex were developed specifically for thin-walled, intricate component applications and offer higher mechanical properties with improvements in modulus, toughness, and coefficient of thermal expansion. Available in unfilled, carbon ...Read More
Videology: Mini H.264 Encoder Board

Uden, Netherlands — Videology Imaging Solutions has introduced a powerful Linux-based server board, the 60SVM. The H.264/MJPEG server is capable of simultaneous encoding/decoding of audio and video streams.Read More
Walter Intros Copy Mill to Boost Reliability

Waukesha, WI — Walter USA, LLC has introduced the new F4031 Xtra-tec® Toric copy mill. The new cutter has a Torx Plus screw that permits improved handling along with higher clamping and unclamping torque. It also offers precise positioning of the insert via an innovative prism design, and insert ...Read More
YXLON Upgrades Software to Meet Aerospace Standards

Hamburg, Germany — YXLON International is equipping the standard Y.Multiplex X-ray system with new software to enable a convenient and automatic system test in compliance with the ASTM E2737-10 standard. This standard is intended to make it easier for industrial users of radiographic technology applications ...Read More
Zero Surge Totally Shields Data Centers

Frenchtown, NJ — Zero Surge, Inc. has introduced a unique surge suppression filter solution especially engineered for data center operations to shield uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and connected rack-mounted equipment and sensitive electronics from dangerously high and damaging surge energy ...Read More
ZMDI Intros Dual Output Signal Conditioner

Dresden, Germany — ZMDI has introduced new member of its ZSSC product family, the ZSSC3154. The new product, a signal sensor conditioner, is well suited to many automotive and industrial applications. Read More
Nanotec: Plug & Drive Integrated Stepping Motors

Medford, MA — Nanotec Electronic US Inc. Plug & Drive Series integrated stepping motors are now available in IP65 wash down rated. The company's Closed Loop sine commutation control delivers excellent performance, and includes true torque-control through the entire motion profile, ranging from Nema ...Read More
EC Fans & Drives: High Efficiency Ventilation

New Bedford MA — EC Fans & Drives, a division of Epec Engineered Technologies, has launched its new EXR series of high efficiency, electronically commutated motors. Early indications are that the EXR series motor has comprehensively rewritten the benchmark for energy efficient residential ventilation ...Read More
Temp-Sensitive Label Documents Excess Surface Temperature Level

Springfield, MA — Industrial safety organizations ask for excess temperature monitoring for electric motors, transmission gears and other mission-critical parts used in chemical, energy and food processing industries. Exceeded temperature levels, when detected, provide the opportunity to take early ...Read More
Tapeswitch Intros Safety Controller

Farmingdale, NY — Tapeswitch Corporation has launched a new compact safety interface controller, the PSSR-2. Its technology offers integrity monitoring of any presence sensing safety switch, mat, edge, and bumper product with a 6.8kΩ or 8.2kΩ end-of-the-line resistor. The PSSR-2 has a safety ...Read More
Trek Launching Hi-Voltage Power Supplies

Medina, NY — Trek, Inc. is introducing a low cost, highly reliable, high-voltage DC power supply series, the Model 2300 Series. The new power supplies are available in five configurations each with 300 Watts of output power. Read More
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