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AWR Announces Slate of Activities during European Microwave Week 2012
AWR Corporation, the innovation leader in highfrequency EDA software, today announced its slate of product and technology activities scheduled during the European Microwave Week (EuMW) later this month in Amsterdam. EuMW is Europe’s premier microwave, RF, wireless and radar event and runs from October 28 through November 2,2012.
Highlights of activities include:
• AWR Booth #416
 • Software demonstrations of AWR 2011 product portfolio:
 o Microwave Office/AXIEM and CapeSym for electrical-thermal MMIC cosimulation
 o Microwave Office/AXIEM for PCB verification via ODB++
 o AXIEM's 3D antenna plots
 o VSS and LabVIEW co-simulation for signal processing, hardware in the loop, and communications standards like LTE and 802.11ac
 o VSS's radar library and frequency planner
• Software demonstrations of Analyst™ 3D FEM EM technology
 o Stacked die, bond wires, bumps, balls, ribbons, tapered vias, finite dielectrics
• Customer Appreciation “Happy Hour” Event
 o Monday, 29 October, 4:00pm – 5:30pm
• MicroApps Theater # 528
• Keynote: Use of RF Simulator as a Research Tool, Prof. Steve C. Cripps
• Use of FPGAs for Faster Test Times and Repeatability on Cellular Measurements,
National Instrument
• Fully Integrating 3D Electromagnetic (EM) Simulation into Circuit Simulation, AWR
• Improving Automated Network Analysis, National Instruments
• RF Link Prediction - A New and Novel Approach, AWR
• Simulating an NXP Doherty Power Amplifier with Digital Pre-Distortion, AWR
• Design and Simulation of Modern Radar Systems and/or 802.11ac with LabVIEW, AWR
and National Instruments
• Workshop Session (Room G110 - Wednesday, 31 October, 2:00pm)
• AWR/National Instruments workshop titled “LTE and 802.11ac Signal Processing with
LabVIEW with AWR’s Visual System Simulator in Base Station PA Modeling”
• Abstract: Today's wireless networks usher in digital modulation techniques that
necessitate the need to stimulate amplifiers and other circuits with waveforms they
actually process in service. This presentation will highlight the benefits of linking AWR's
Microwave Office and Visual System Simulator RF design tools with NI LabVIEW and NI
modular test instrumentation such that design, verification, test, and debugging are
streamlined across the entire signal chain.

• For the AWR/NI workshop registration please send an email to
For more detailed information regarding all of AWR activities during EuMW, please visit

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