Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Centon Electronics Installs 2 HITACHI Sigma G4 Modular Mounters for Expected 4x Productivity Increase
DALLAS, TX -   HITACHI Sigma G4 Modular Mounters
The Production Systems Division (PSD) of Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc. (HTA) announces that Centon Electronics, a leading international designer, manufacturer, and supplier of memory upgrade products, has purchased two Sigma G4 Modular Mounters for their increased production requirements.

"We chose the Hitachi G4 systems after deciding that of all the available systems out there, the G4 offered the best placement per cost ratio of any of the systems that we had evaluated," Jennifer Miscione, General Manager, stated. "The combination of added throughput, combined with the high flexibility that the Sigma series are known for, made the G4 the right choice for us.

The Sigma G4 is an industrial high speed modular mounter featuring single-side operation and dual-lane processing capability. Available in both High Speed and Flexible High Speed configurations, the G4 can accommodate board sizes up to 610mm x 381mm or 610mm x 216mm per lane, in its dual lane configuration for higher volume throughput. Other leading features of the G4 includes Hitachi's patented Direct Drive High Speed head with an industry leading component range for a high speed head; quick-change feeder base that accommodates tape and stick feeders or quick change tray unit; and an industry's first in "Overdrive Control System" whereby both heads can pick from same component supply and place on the same board simultaneously and without restriction. Powerful software tools allied to the Sigma G4 hardware include the EG-100 Offline library creation system, a table-top system that offers the same teaching capability that is built into the placement machines; the NT-100 offline programming station, through which all process data can be stored on a central server for easier access to all users as well as convenient backup; LISA line controller & traceability server; and offline terminal for the setup of feeder carts for quick product changeovers.

About Centon
Founded in 1978 by Gene Miscione, current President and CEO, Centon Electronics was originally established as a distributor of integrated circuits. Over the next twelve years the company grew to become one of the top 15 distributors in the nation. In 1990, the decision was made to redirect the company from the distribution of electronic components and systems into the manufacturing of memory solutions. Centon has evolved into a leading international designer, manufacturer, and supplier of memory upgrade products. Centon's product line includes memory modules, USB Drives, Flash based storage devises, and accessory based phone and computer products. As a longtime member of the JEDEC and the SDA, Centon is actively involved in the advances in both technologies. Centon products are sold worldwide and used by major customers in such markets as PCs and Mainframes, Servers, Embedded, Medical, POS (Point of Sale), Military, Aeronautics, Automotive and ATMs. The company is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California, USA.

About Hitachi High Technologies America - Production Systems Division
Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc. ("HTA") is a privately-owned global affiliate company that operates within the Hitachi Group Companies. HTA sells and services semiconductor manufacturing equipment, analytical instrumentation, scientific instruments, bio-related products as well as industrial equipment, electronic devices, electronic and industrial materials, consumer electronic products, wireless mobile telephones, and hard disk manufacturing systems. The HTA Production Systems Division (PSD) offers optimal integrated manufacturing solutions to large and small customers by supplying a variety of cutting-edge surface mount technology manufacturing solutions.

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