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IPC and SMTA Announce the Agenda for Session 1 of the High-Reliability Cleaning and Coating Conference
Industry-leading associations IPC and SMTA jointly announce the agenda for Session 1 of the High-Reliability Cleaning and Coating Conference, scheduled to take place November 13-15, 2012 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel – O’Hare in Chicago, IL. The conference is intensely focused on electronics assembly reliability, and the influence of cleaning and coating upon producing reliable hardware.

Consumer electronics play an ever-increasing role in our daily lives. Personalized content such as photos, e-mails, apps, contacts and the increasing amount of financial data become more valuable and vulnerable.

Exposing smart devices to moisture can cause devices to malfunction. Spilling fluids, dropping devices into water and using the device in rain and highly humid environments can lead to failure. There is an increased need for coatings that protect smart electronic devices from moisture intrusion.

The first session at the cleaning and coating conference introduces innovative super-hydrophobic coatings that protect circuits from the damaging effects of moisture and water intrusion. Due to their thin-film structure, these coatings can be applied without additional weight or bulkiness, unlike traditional conformal coating approaches.
Dr. Craig Hillman of DfR will chair this session. The speakers and topics are as follows:

1. Innovative Super-hydrophobicity Nano-Coatings that Protect HDI Interconnects from Moisture Absorption — Dan Hobson, Ross Technology

2. Characterization and Analysis of Plasma Polymers for Protective Films — Steven Lowder, Semblant Global

3. Chemical Vapor Deposition Enables Well-Defined Polymeric Films on Micro and Nano-Scale Features — Aleksandr White, GVD Corporation

4. Increasing the Reliability of Electronic Devices — Dr. Stephen Coulson, P2i

5. Enhancing Water-Blocking Nano Coatings for Telecommunications Devices — Blake Stevens, HzO Technologies

To learn how these innovative coatings can provide improved reliability on highly dense circuit devices or for more information about the conference, visit http://www.smta.org/cleaning.  The technical program for the conference is available at http://www.ipc.org/calendar/2012/cleaning-coating/cleaning-coating-brochure.htm.

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