Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Advantech Launches Industrial Monitors with Display Port Interface
CINCINNATI, OH  -  Advantech's 15", 17" and 19" range of monitors have been designed to operate with a new range of embedded industrial PC's
To keep ahead of trends within the automation industry, the Industrial Automation Group of Advantech has launched a new range of industrial monitors that use the DisplayPort interface, the FPM-5152G/5172G/5192G. These industrial monitors are the first on the market to include the DisplayPort interface and a 1.5 meter connecting cable.

The 15", 17" and 19" range of monitors have been designed to operate with a new range of embedded industrial PC's (Advantech's UNO-2174G and UNO-2184G) that include the DisplayPort interface. VGA and DVI interfaces have been in the industry for a long time period and will eventually be phased-out, the use of DisplayPort offers two core advantages over the remaining HDMI interface. The first is DisplayPort is free of royalty and taxation charges, making import duties considerably lower. The second is that DisplayPort shows better quality video over longer distances (up to 50ft) without bridge support or repeater devices, compared to VGA and DVI. This allows a large size machine, like a printing machine, to use one controller with two screens. It also uses a dedicated data path which ensures that the industrial computer, to which it's connected, doesn't experience memory lag when updating the display.
Also, all these models have an optional resistive touchscreen, RS-232 and USB interface ports, and vibrant new color schemes. With multiple standard power inputs, including an attached 12Vdc adapter and 10 ~ 30Vdc Phoenix power-in connector, these models not only provide 100 ~220 Vac, but a wide range of Vdc input suitable for a variety of applications.

With their IP65 front panel and the ability to support panel, wall, or VESA mounting, they can be easily integrated into any industrial environment and are especially suitable for factory automation tasks.

For more information or to purchase, please contact Advantech directly or your regional Advantech authorized distributor.

US operations for the Industrial Automation Group are based in Cincinnati, OH (800-205-7940). Advantech Corporation, Industrial Automation Group, 11380 Reed Hartman Highway, Cincinnati, OH 45241. Website:  Email:

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