Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Trek and M4 Partner to Enable Ultra-Precision Machining
TriboMAM ultra-precision machine control.
Medina, NY — Trek, Inc. a designer and manufacturer of high-voltage amplifiers and electrostatic voltmeters, has established a strategic partnership with M4 Sciences LLC. The partnership leverages technical strengths from both companies to provide high-productivity ultra-precision machining technology for use in aerospace, automotive, commercial, consumer, industrial, medical, military/defense, optics and space applications.

M4 Sciences (W. Lafayette, Indiana) is a designer and developer of advanced technologies for ultra-precision machining.

Trek's high-voltage amplifier technology enables M4 Sciences' TriboMAM(R) system to deliver ultra-precision machining of metals/alloys, thereby increasing cutting/drilling productivity in aerospace, automotive, commercial, medical, military/defense, optics and space applications.

Contact: Trek, Inc., 11601 Maple Ridge Rd., Medina, NY 14103 800-367-8735 or 585-798-3140 fax: 585-798-3106 Web:

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