Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Pulse: New High Speed 10GBASE-T Integrated Connector Module
High-speed Ethernet module.
San Diego, CA — Pulse Electronics Corporation has introduced a new high-speed 10GBASE-T (10Gbit over twisted-pair) integrated connector module (ICM) for the server, LAN on motherboard, and storage markets. The module is a critical component in the 10GBASE-T ecosystem which is currently being deployed in enterprise and cloud data centers.

The new JT4-1120HL 1 x 1 10GBASE-T ICM supports Ethernet speeds that are 10x faster than previous generations of Ethernet over twisted pair technology. Pulse ICMs are tuned to have flat insertion loss curves and excellent return loss performance over 10GBASE-T frequencies. This performance enables the longest possible cable reach available.

The modules meet industry standard IEEE 802.3 and PCI Express (PCIe) mechanical requirements for a low profile package. The advanced design helps 10GBASE-T system designers meet electromagnetic control system requirements such as FCC Part 15 class B for high speed devices.

Contact: Pulse Electronics Corp., 12220 World Trade Drive, San Diego, CA 92128 858-674-8100 fax: 858-674-8262 E-mail: Web: or

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