Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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O.C. White LED Magnifier for Inspecting Conformal Coating
Magnifying inspection station with switchable UV lighting.
Thorndike, MA — The O.C.White Company has released its newest LED magnifier — product number 82400-4-B-UV — to help production workers inspect conformal coated circuit boards, using the company's exclusive UV LED Green-Lite.

This Newest Green-Lite is a combination of white light and UV lights, allowing each operator to quickly go from white inspection lighting to the special UV light to check the assemblies for proper conformal coating, plating voids or metal cracks which are highly visible under this exclusive UV product.

This special magnifier includes the exclusive 4 diopter optical quality lens for the highest magnification power available in a standard magnifier, along with the patented dimming functions and selectable LED array which provide easy changes of the lighting from white to UV.

The selectable LED "Green-lite" technology allows the operator to turn the LEDs on or off for contrast lighting — a company exclusive patented technology — while using only 8 watts, max. of power.

Contact: O.C. White Company, 4226 Church Street, Thorndike, MA 01079 888-629-4483 or 413-289-1751 fax: 413-289-1754 E-mail: Web:

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