Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Solid State Mfg. Names Three New Distributors for Power Semiconductor Line.
Bloomfield, NJ — Solid State Manufacturing has added three new distributors for its Power Semiconductor line. Solid State Inc., Newark Electronics, & Farnell Electronics have been awarded distributorships to carry the new Solid State Mfg. Power Line. Solid State Inc. and Newark Electronics will distribute the devices in the U.S. and Farnell Electronics will handle European distribution. The power line is comprised of stud or press pack rectifiers and SCRs, molded modules, and IGBTs ranging from 6 Amps to 6000 Amps, up to 2400V. SSM has been a trusted semiconductor component supplier to the battery charger, plating, welding, oil field, locomotive, and rail vehicle industries for over 40 years.

Contact: Solid State Mfg., 50 Farrand Street, Bloomfield, NJ 07003 973-771-3445 fax: 973-771-3444 E-mail: Web:

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