Friday, May 25, 2018
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Not Just Talk: Flashtalk Upgrades Screen Printing
Speedprint SP700.

Flashtalk Technology understands the importance of selecting the right electronics manufacturing services partner. Because of this, the company commits itself to providing the highest quality, cost-effective and responsive electronics assembly services available. Its experienced team is focused on providing each customer with maximum value coupled with the highest levels of service possible.

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Solon, Ohio, Flashtalk provides a complete range of electronics manufacturing services from design and prototyping through final assembly, distribution and direct order fulfillment. The company focuses on regional manufacturers in the North American market, and its typical client is the low- to medium-volume OEM. It prides itself on being a reliable provider that does not miss deadlines and performs high-quality work at a competitive cost.

The company has the ability to seamlessly integrate with customers' design, assembly or distribution efforts with the effective utilization of process controls, integrated supply chain management systems state-of-the-art equipment. This last element is especially important and helps the company offer the most advanced, innovative solutions possible. Because quality, performance and service are benchmarks of the company, it carefully screens and chooses which systems to use in its lines. After much consideration, Flashtalk Technology upgraded its stencil printing with a Speedprint SP700avi.

"We were working with a budget," said Guenther Thiedemann, Flashtalk Technology's Production Supervisor. "Fortunately, our local Speedprint representative, Horizon Sales, brought the SP700 to our attention and found that a new Speedprint was within reach".

After speaking with numerous Speedprint users and learning that all were pleased with the operation and reliability of the machine, it made sense to move forward with the SP700. "The value seemed outstanding and the company stands behind the machine with a multi-year warranty," added Thiedemann.

Now that the system has been installed and is functioning, Flashtalk has found its performance and accuracy to be excellent. The added process controls already have improved product quality. Thiedemann mentioned that Flashtalk regularly places devices like µBGAs and 0402s, and the company has found that its process repeatability has improved as a direct result of the Speedprint printer.

"We also benefit from faster, more repeatable setups because it is simply less complicated for the operators. The laser guided tooling system has significantly reduced our changeover time for double-sided boards, and using the Gerber files makes programming simple and quick," he continued.

In addition to quality and performance, Flashtalk values service. As an electronics manufacturing services provider, the company understands the importance of comprehensive, quality service and was pleased that Speedprint feels the same. "We had great support during the installation and training from the local Speedprint service engineer and from that point on we have been running on cruise control," Thiedemann said.

The SP700avi is designed to deliver unequaled value with 6 Sigma alignment capabilities through the use of 1µm resolution solid-state linear encoders on all axes combined with the unique Twin Roving Camera vision system. The resulting technology provides major benefits in machine calibration, which is completed at print height in less than 45 seconds, without the need for specialized equipment or personnel. Of equal importance is the capability of monitoring the amount of paste on the stencil, eliminating the possibility of insufficient paste being applied before the print process takes place. These advanced features, in addition to under stencil cleaner with vacuum assist, auto stencil load/unload and closed-loop squeegee pressure, are supplied as standard within the SP700 platform.

The SP700avi becomes the SP710avi when it is equipped with the Automatic Dispense unit (ADu).The Dual Syringe, Automatic Dispense unit (ADu) allows users to eliminate additional capital outlay by integrating this functionally into the printer.

When the success of a business depends on selecting the right electronics manufacturing service provider, Flashtalk Technology is there to provide the attention to detail, levels of communication and customer service required to create an effective partnership. The company's objective is to apply its technologies, systems and expertise to customers' products to help them successfully go to market. Speedprint is proud to be a part of Flashtalk Technology's path to success.

Contact: Flashtalk Technology, 30700 Bainbridge Rd., Solon, OH 44139 216-595-0890 Web: or Speedprint Technology Americas, 5804 Breckenbridge, Suite E, Tampa, FL 33610 813-664-0686 fax: 813-246-9595 Web:

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