Monday, May 21, 2018
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Super Dry Launches New Vacuum Sealing Systems
Vacuum sealing system.
Austin, TX — MSD handling specialist Super Dry has launched a new series of high power, high efficiency vacuum sealing machines for moisture barrier bags (MBB). Complementing the company's extensive range of ultra low humidity storage cabinets, the latest SDV series enable the controlled reduction of humidity and oxygen for long term storage and transport of moisture sensitive devices. Designed to exceed the formidable challenges associated with IPC J-STD-033C (Components) and 1601 (Printed Circuit Boards) for handling Moisture Sensitive Devices, these systems are also ESD safe. The design starts with robust stainless steel construction with critical surfaces coated with dissipative plastics. The SDV is available in a range of sizes up to 400 X 600mm sealing and a bleeder resistance of 1 to 6 Ohm/sq.,, compliant with ESD standard DIN 61340-5-2.

Digital process controls incorporate vacuum sensing which enable accurate and repeatable parameter programmability. The unit's 99 program memories facilitate fast and repeatable packaging changeovers, while ensuring easy handling and operation. A nitrogen supply may be installed to protect materials especially vulnerable to pressure and/or oxidation. This additional reduction of oxygen content is suitable for long-term storage.

Double-seam and cut-off sealing are standard, and excess bag length can be readily removed. An elegantly designed plug-in system for the sealing bars is included, enabling secure fastening without cables. High sealing pressure provides reliable sealing even with thick, highly puncture-resistant MBBs.

The SDV 46, 36 and 26 Vacuum Sealing Machines and Moisture Barrier Bags provide an suitable complement to the Super Dry desiccant drying cabinets. For accelerated drying of components and PCBs without oxidation or inter-metallic build-ups caused by traditional baking, Super Dry XSD Series cabinets combine the ultra-low <0.5 percent RH with 25 to 60°C adjustable heaters. The special dual-wall insulated, dual-glass enclosures control temperature to ±1°C, and eliminate heat conduction to the outside room while reducing total energy consumption.

Contact: Totech Super Dry, 235 Colovista Parkway, Austin, TX 78602 312-513-3513 E-mail: Web:

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