Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Exatron Adds In-Carrier Tape Inspection
In-carrier tape inspection system.
San Jose, CA — Exatron has introduced a new upgrade option for all of its automated tape-and-reel machines. The inspection system will find out of pocket errors, empty pocket errors, upside side down errors, and determines pin 1 location. According to he company, this option is now included on all automatic tapers.

Exatron designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and services a wide variety of IC component handling and testing equipment. Its products are used in the testing and programming of PLDs (programmable logic devices) and other integrated circuits. The company's automatic test equipment meets customer production automation requirements in the semiconductor, medical and automotive industries.

Offerings vary from low volume gravity feed handlers, to medium duty pick-and-place systems to fully automated mass production equipment, all offered with a multitude of options — lasers, hot/cold, vision, tapers, bowls.

Contact: Exatron, Inc., 2842 Aiello Drive, San Jose, CA 95111-2154 800-392-8766 or 408-629-7600 fax: 408-629-2832 E-mail: Web:

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