Sunday, June 24, 2018
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ECT Unveils New HyperCore Base Material
Probe using Hypercore base material.
Pomona, CA — Everett Charles Technologies' (ECT) HyperCore is a proprietary base material developed for the highly scalable, fine-pitch ZIP® probe series. HyperCore Base Material requires no plating and has a high hardness of 600 Knoop. It resists tip deformation and wear typically generated by cleaning cycles and high volume production. As it is non-plated, it can be repeatedly cleaned, providing unprecedented probe life.

Contact resistance and RF behavior is equal to gold-plated BeCu. For example, the Z0-050 HyperCore yields stable 50 milliohm resistance and >40GHz bandwidth. HyperCore also resists oxides similar to gold, yielding performance that will not waver even in the most stringent environments.

Contact: Everett Charles Technologies, 700 E. Harrison Ave., Pomona, CA 91767 909-625-5551 fax: 909-624-9746 Web:

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