Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Brooks Automation Adds to Vacuum Quality Monitors
Chelmsford, MA — Brooks Automation, Inc. has released the Granville-Phillips 835 Vacuum Quality Monitor (VQM) and the 835 VQM Differential Pump System (DPS). The 835 VQM builds on the 830 VQM with multiple customer-requested features and an expanded 1- 300amu measurement range. The 835 VQM DPS allows for operation and process control in semiconductor, coating and other higher pressure applications by allowing operation up to 3 Torr.

According to the company, interfacing to the VQM software is easy with the new API (Application Programmers Interface) that can be linked with user programs to provide complete control over the VQM and allow reading of gas composition data. There is also a new VQI (Vacuum Quality Index) function where users can enter an equation which drives a digital output, an audible alarm, or the start of data logging. As an example, being able to start a process when total pressure is low enough, the water level has decreased beyond a certain level, and the reactive gas level is equal to a specified amount is highly desired by many customers.

Measurement sensitivity is greatly increased with the 835 VQM through numerous features including a larger A/D, improved electrometer, lower noise, and software data analysis improvements. The 835 VQM makes maintenance simple by providing a field replaceable electron multiplier to go along with the field replaceable filament making all consumables field replaceable. The 835 VQM DPS provides real-time information that can be used to optimize PVD, implant, coating and other vacuum processes to increase productivity, improve results, and save money. Since most processes occur in a higher vacuum level (typically in the mTorr range), differential pumping is required to reduce the process chamber pressure to the operating range of the VQM (below 1E-5 Torr). The 835 VQM DPS has a gate valve with an orifice. During base out, the gate valve is open providing the VQM with a high conductance path directly to the process chamber for greater sensitivity and accuracy. During process, the gate valve is closed and a turbo pump is used to reduce pressure through the limited conductance of the orifice. The valve can be manually or pneumatically controlled.

Contact: Brooks Automation, Inc., 15 Elizabeth Drive, Chelmsford, MA 01824 978-262-2400 fax: 978-262-2500 Web:

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