Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Autosplice Enhances Solderball Pin Technology
San Diego, CA — Autosplice has introduced a new series of specialized Solderball Pin Array (SPA) interconnect capabilities that leverage the company's Solderball Pin Technology by creating pre-defined arrays and header configurations that are targeted to meet application-specific requirements.\par \These new Solderball Pin Array solutions are extensions of the existing family of proven discrete component Solderball Pin configurations, which have already been adopted for a wide range of motherboard-daughterboard product designs in the power module, communications, automotive, mobile device and many other industries. With Solderball Pin Arrays, customers can benefit by having many solderball interconnects in one component that meets their specific circuit pattern and streamlines assembly processes.

SPAs group together multiple solderball interconnects within a single automation-friendly format, such as a strip header that provides a series of contact points in a single piece.

Configurations can be either in-line or staggered, with virtually any specified pitch between interconnects and a variety of stand-off lengths for inter-PCB spacing.

Solderball Pin Arrays also support either SMT-to-Through-Hole or SMT-to-SMT processes. In addition to header strips, SPAs also can be custom-tailored to special configurations such as rings, lead frames or other application-specific requirements.

The primary advantages of both Solderball Pins and the new Solderball Pin Arrays include: automatic coplanarity compensation between PCBs as the module settles on to the motherboard during reflow; smoothly transitioning through-hole designs to SMT without extensive redesign; higher reliability, lower cost and less space needed than with conventional male-female separable connectors; conserving PCB real estate, reducing number of PCB routing layers and minimizing electrical trace lengths; reducing space between boards for more compact designs, while still maintaining optimal airflow and thermal characteristics; automation-friendly placement and compatibility with standard reflow processes.

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