Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Social Enterprise at Pride Industries
Michael Ziegler, CEO of Pride Industries, is shown here with a member of the Pride team.

It's highly unusual for a major contract manufacturer to be a nonprofit company, but Pride Industries has been set up that way from its inception. The company is a recognized service supplier meeting the manufacturing, supply chain, logistics and facilities needs of business and government nationwide while creating meaningful jobs for people with disabilities. Headquartered in Roseville, California, it ranks as the fourth largest manufacturing and service company in the greater Sacramento area. This innovative company employs more than 4,600 individuals, including more than 2,600 people with disabilities, making it one of the largest nonprofit employers of people with disabilities in the nation.

Starting with an idea hatched in a church basement, the company was founded in 1966 as a traditional nonprofit. In the mid-1970s, the Board of Directors envisioned a different future for Pride. They could foresee a strong business enterprise with a social mission that was self-sustaining and self-sufficient. Today, we know that model as social enterprise. Pride created the businesses that create jobs for people with disabilities. It has continued to grow — even through this difficult recession — due to its focus on quality, customer satisfaction and service, as well as the positive referrals of customers and friends.
Production floor uses the latest in automation.

In addition to supporting people with disabilities through Pride, the organization also has philanthropic ties with the public, supporting charities and providing scholarship opportunities. The driving force behind the company's contributions is its mission — creating jobs for people with disabilities — which requires strong community support. In turn, the company's success strengthens communities. Pride currently holds contracts in 11 states and Washington, DC. We take seriously our role as a community partner, and we actively look for ways to give back to the communities in which our customers and employees work and live. We are active members of local chambers of commerce, work in partnership with local nonprofits, state departments of rehabilitation and the Veterans Administration, and we help to provide opportunity to others by supporting nonprofits and scholarships that share similar goals as our mission.

Our mission and vision is exactly this: to create jobs for people with disabilities, in our own businesses and in partnership with others in the community. One out of five Americans has a disability. These individuals are unemployed at four times the rate of the general population. Our vision is to be the premier employer of people with disabilities, the vendor of choice in the markets we serve and a recognized leader in meeting the needs of individuals in overcoming barriers to employment. We have accomplished a great deal; however, there is much more work to be done.

Quality a Core Value
Quality, as evidenced by customer satisfaction, is one of our core values. We are a social enterprise with a dual bottom line: a strong, self-sustaining organization that creates jobs for people with disabilities. Our customers look to us first for quality, responsiveness and value. The fact that our customers play a vital role in creating opportunity for others is added positive social value.

With so many individuals still seeking opportunity, the company is driven to grow. As we have gotten larger, we obviously have to scale our processes, systems and abilities to remain responsive. We have invested significantly in ERP systems that integrate our processes, business intelligence, and provide greater visibility and access for our customers. We also have invested significantly in technology, including our new Electronics Plant, which now is online. Agility is key, quality is non-negotiable and change is constant.

Industry Challenges
Ours is a global economy. We are not just competing with others in our region or even in our nation. In manufacturing, we compete with worldwide companies. As a unique company committed to creating jobs for people with disabilities, we seek the right balance of automation and customization, thus our focus on being a full-service provider. Not only are we a first-rate EMS provider, we can offer our customers award-winning packaging, fulfillment, supply chain and logistics services to reduce their costs, improve overall quality and accountability, and save time-to-market.

Having said that, we have to stay ahead of the competition and have done so by making significant capital investments in our manufacturing capabilities.

Contact: Pride Industries, 10030 Foothills Boulevard, Roseville, CA 95747-7102 800-550-6005 or 916-788-2100 fax: 800-888-0447 Web:

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