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U.S. Mfg. Market Attracts Trans-Tec and Yamaha
Brian O'Leary, General Manager, Trans-Tec America LLC.
Chandler, AZ — Start with an American businessman setting up shop in Singapore, with his goal to provide the best possible sales and service of electronic manufacturing machinery to OEMs and contract manufacturers in Southeast Asia. Couple his expertise and drive with a partnership with a large Japanese machinery manufacturer, and you have a formula for success. That's how Christopher Fussner started and built Trans-Tec, and his principal equipment line has been Yamaha for more than 20 years.

Fast forward to 2012, a year of significant expansion. At the beginning of this year, Trans-Tec had 14 centers in seven countries throughout the region and two additional offices in India. Each of these locations employs a team of highly skilled professionals who are experts in everything from sales and installation to after-sales support and training.

Then in 2012 came the push to North America. This year, the company has opened two centers each in the USA and Mexico, plus a new one in Japan. As described by Trans-Tec America General Manager Brian O'Leary, "It's like swimming upstream." Maybe so, but it certainly follows closely on today's on-shoring movement of electronics manufacturing back to the USA.

Independent Distributor
As a leading independent supplier of SMT equipment in Asia, Trans-Tec has built a reputation for quality service and innovation. Since its formation in 1988, this American-owned company has been committed to providing production managers and engineers within the region's manufacturing industries with a one-stop service. Trans-Tec, a master distributor, represents the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality equipment and has access to an extraordinary range of products such as reflow ovens, surface mount equipment, wave soldering machines, X-ray inspection systems, and cleaning machines.

The company maintains a first-class service network which is able to provide all its customers with comprehensive on-site training and timely technical support, along with spare parts and service. In addition, regular technology road shows and educational seminars provide customers with the very latest news and developments from the industry's leaders. Earlier this year, Trans-Tec signed an agreement with Yamaha Motor Company to expand its distribution of its products in the Americas. Trans-Tec America has since opened offices in the US and Mexico, with its headquarters, showroom and training center in Chandler, Arizona, and another center in Kennesaw, Georgia.

New Yamaha Machine
During Nepcon China, Trans-Tec introduced Yamaha's new high-density surface mounter model YSM40. Adopting a 4-beam, 4-head layout on a compact platform with a width of just one meter, this new model reportedly achieves the industry's top levels of mounting speed, at over 100,000 CPH. The machine is designed to offer high levels of productivity, as well as excellent flexibility to meet application needs in a variety of production formats.
Christopher Fussner, President of Trans-Tec.

The new machine has the ability to handle a wide range of components in one machine. This makes it a machine that is strategically positioned to best meet the growing need for high-speed surface mounters that are optimized for manufacturing the small to mid-sized PCBs used in rapidly spreading digital electronic products like smart phones and tablet devices.

These high-density, high-function electrical/electronic components absolutely demand the best possible assembly equipment technology to accommodate mass production of these new products. This requirement has generated the need for far more demanding assembly specifications — equipment that not only meets the requirements of the new products and components, but also increases mounting capacity and speed on production lines. These machines must also meet today's demands for energy savings and reduced environmental impact.

To answer these growing market needs, Yamaha Motor has further evolved its "module concept" for production line equipment by developing SMT-related products that deliver high added value under the motto of "SMT Innovation -- Creating advanced 'breakthrough' technology."

With a compact platform that is just one meter wide, the YSM40 is a new-concept surface mounter that achieves the industry's top levels of mounting speed and area productivity while also providing excellent flexibility of application in a variety of production formats.

As part of its expansion into North America, Trans-Tec has scheduled regular training sessions for its customers who have purchased Yamaha's automation software. The free Yamaha factory training with 4-day training sessions is being offered both in Chandler, Arizona and Kennesaw, Georgia.

Contact: Trans-Tec America LLC, 7301 W. Boston Street, Chandler, AZ 85226 877-987-2678 Web:

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