Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Semblant Launches Semblant Plasma Finish (SPF) Premier Partner Program
Semblant Ltd. today announced it has launched its SPF Premier Partner Program. The new program was created to connect global OEM demand for Semblant Plasma Finish (SPF) to printed circuit board (PCB) fabricators offering this surface finish process. The program matches SPF’s corrosion protection and RF performance benefits with PCB fabs producing PCBs for OEMs in high-reliability or high-volume product segments. The program facilitates quick-turn evaluation, prototyping and production for military-aerospace, industrial, automotive, medical, mobile, enterprise and consumer networking and computing OEMs.

Key Facts
· UK based PCB fabricator Stevenage Circuits Ltd. (SCL) has joined the program as a premier partner. SCL is one of Europe’s largest and most advanced PCB manufacturing sites servicing OEMs in over 40 countries in communications, mil-aero, and medical segments.
· Semblant’s patented plasma surface finish (SPF) provides unmatched PCB corrosion protection against creep corrosion and environmental pollutants, extends PCB shelf life, and improves RF performance.
· Unlike other finishes, SPF can be applied to any metal finish including copper, silver, or gold, enhancing the properties of the underlying metal or eliminating their associated shortcomings altogether. SPF on copper maximizes PCB cost-performance and can replace expensive and hazardous metal plating processes.

Supporting Quotes
Rob Brown, Stevenage Circuits managing director
· “SCL are proud to deliver continuous improvements in PCB reliability and RF performance through the deployment of Semblant’s SPF surface finish. Our clients’ products are mainly in high reliability applications. And Semblant’s partner program allows us to offer them increased PCB performance through the application of the most advanced surface finish in the market.”
Steve McClure, Semblant vice president of worldwide sales and marketing
· “We are excited to launch the SPF Premier Partner Program as the global ecosystem for the industry’s most advanced PCB surface finish. We are now able to match unprecedented OEM demand for Semblant Plasma Finish (SPF) with world-class PCB fabs already servicing these high-reliability, high-performance and high-volume segments.”

About Semblant Ltd
Semblant is the leader in innovative nanomaterials for electronics manufacturing. Its mission is to deliver advanced plasma process solutions that radically improve electronics manufacturing. Semblant’s plasma processes reduce energy use, require no water or hazardous material recycling, and replace the need for expensive metals while providing improved product quality and lower manufacturing costs. With its disruptive technology, the company is addressing a $1.6 billion market, and a variety of applications including mobile devices, consumer electronics, enterprise computing, networking infrastructure, automotive and military-aerospace. Semblant’s processes have achieved acceptance by major PCB manufacturers and original equipment manufactures worldwide.

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