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KOH YOUNG Exhibits 3D SPI, AOI Advances at SMTAI 2012; Holding ‘Doctor’s Hours’ in Booth #216
SEOUL, Korea –   KY Zenith 3D AOI System
Koh Young Technology, a leading supplier of 3D SPI, AOI, and advanced automated inspection equipment for the electronics manufacturing industry worldwide, will exhibit its advanced aSPIre2 Solder Paste Inspection system with unique 4-way projection, the Zenith 3D AOI system, and demonstrate these systems in actual applications with paste-printed PCBs and post-reflow inspection applications in Booth #216 at at SMTA International in Orlando, Florida, October 16 and 17, 2012.

KY Zenith 3D AOI System
In addition, Dennis Kang, Business Development Manager for Koh Young America, Inc., will participate in the SMTA’s innovative “Doctor’s Hours” program, discussing 3D Solder Paste Inspection and 3D Automated Optical Inspection. “Doctor’s Hours” is a program whereby exhibitors arrange specific time slots when they will have their technical expert(s) available in their booth to diagnose visitor’s technical problems and offer a ‘prescription’ (solution). Dennis has been working at Koh Young to provide the optimal 3D inspection solution for customers who have a strong need to optimize their processes in solder paste printing and pre/post reflow soldering. Dennis will be available from 1:30pm-4:30pm both days of the show in Booth #216Koh Young’s quad-projection 3D SPI system, aSPIre 2 .

Koh Young will demonstrate the Zenith 3DAOI system, featuring PCB warpage compensation capabilities. Zenith AOI can compensate for even the most serious warp conditions on FPCBs without sacrificing inspection cycle time. Koh Young’s leading quad-projection 3D SPI system, aSPIre 2 will also be exhibited, featuring a more user-friendly interface with easier and faster access to key functions, and PCB views and Defect views with a deeper 3D perspective.

About Koh Young Technology
Koh Young Technology specializes in the design and manufacturing of 3D measurement and inspection equipment for the global circuit board assembly and semiconductor markets. Direct sales and support centers are located in the United States, Europe, Japan, Singapore, China (Shenzhen) and Korea.

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